Jack Curley – Tomorrow EP

Jack Curley - Tomorrow



3.5/5 Pros

  • Amazing voice
  • Three nice and good to listen songs Cons

  • The voice and songwriting feel to have much more potential
  • I struggle with "Wait for me"

For 1st May 2020, I originally had a list of eight albums and EPs, which I prepared for review. The Covid-19 crisis, however, lead to quite a bunch of release postponements, so that I finally ended up with just two albums, the ones by the Hot Country Knights and Kenny Chesney. A good time for minor acts to presented here on – and I loved the sound of British Jack Curley from the very first moment. Here is my view of his debut EP release Tomorrow.


Jack Curley – About The Artist

When you look into the bio Jack Curley provides on his Facebook account, he introduces himself as

Hi, I’m Jack Curley, I’m from Manchester. I went to school. In Stalybridge. I seem normal. I got into music. I sing. I play guitar. I’m a performer. I’m a show. I wrote many songs. I went to Ibiza. I worked in a bar. I got found by a manager. He didn’t even want to sign me in the first place. I got tattoos. I played for over 5000 people for the first time in my life. I played for less than 5 people. I wrote new songs. I love old music. I got signed. I’m gonna release new music soon. The first one was “ALICE” Nice to meet you. This is the beginning. Cheers. Jack Curley.

Alice has been released in 2019 (and is part of the Tomorrow EP). The singer-songwriter has not only gained some popularity in Greater Manchester and his home country, but also in Germany. His significant voice and quite straight and minimalist produced songs are likely the key elements of the music of the young British artist.

Jack Curley – Tomorrow – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts twelve minutes.

1. Down

You know they say a heartbreak’s bittersweet
I’m still so enamoured by the way you look at me
Don’t get me wrong, I like that we still are friends
But it upsets me how you joke about the end

The first song of the EP starts with a really nice track. The strongest argument maybe the quite unique, rough-sounding voice. But the storytelling is definitely nice as well –

2. Tomorrow

While Down feels a bit of dark, also due as it is a quite slow track, the title track of the EP is definitely more energetic and even a bit more melodic. Nice one!

3. Wait For Me

So, wait for me
I’ll tell you all the words that I mean
‘Cause every time you’re close, I can’t breathe
So, won’t you wait for me
I promise that I won’t let you down
Can’t bring yourself to say it out loud
So, whisper that you’re there for me

I struggle a bit with the third track on that EP – while the first two tracks had catching elements to me, Wait For Me needs quite some time until it leads to a nice rhythmic and inspiring finish. Barely average.

4. Alice

I was especially curious about Alice, after it has been praised in the bio. The description in there hits the style of the song quite well: a piano, an amazing voice. Bad luck that the song is the shortest on the album (2:39 minutes) – it is comparably minimalist, but very straight and catching. Love it.


Jack Curley – Tomorrow – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Jack Curley’s EP:


Jack Curley – Tomorrow – My View

Jack Curley definitely gave a nice statement about his musical potential with this release. Wait for Me reduces my rating of these songs slightly and, to be fair, none of the songs is a superb blast, but there are at least three really solid tunes on this EP – sung by an amazing voice. I am sure there is a lot of potential for some more really great songs.


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