Project Renegade – Order of The Minus

Project Renegade - Order Of The Minus



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice, versatile production
  • Good vocals Cons

  • Feels like they could do even better

Project Renegade are the first Greek act I am reviewing on The metal quartet present their debut album Order Of The Minus. I received this album as pre-release from their PR agency, the Greek Angels PR, and liked their songs from their first listening. A review.


Project Renegade – About The Artists

Project Renegade is a four-member metal band from Athens. Marianna is acting as the only vocalist, the instruments are played by Ody (drums), Nick K. (guitar) and Jay (bass). They descibed themselve as alternative, modern, heavy, but also using electronic elements. Before Order Of The Minus, the band just released Cerebra, an EP, in 2017. In the last two years, they played a couple of medium festivals, where they for example opened for Evanescence. Out of CerebraPressure was the key single of the recording.


Project Renegade – Order Of The Minus – Track by Track

Order Of The Minus is a ten track recording. The total playing time is roughly 46 minutes.

1. The Big Boss
Vocal introducting. The Big Boss is a bit too much and too martial for me… But okay, it is metal… The whole album has those narrative parts. Sometimes, they are a bit long, but overall quite nice.
2. Liber8
Liber8, the first “real” track on the album, is the first single of Order of The Minus. A powerful track with a long instrumental intro, before the song fully kicks off to a 6:31 minute journey. I really enjoy Marianna’s voice in this track.

3. Products Of War
Products Of War feels more melodic than Liber9 to me. The ingredients are the same: strong guitars, a clear concentration on the female leading vocals. Easy headbanging one!
4. The New Joker
The guitars and drums have to work for some one minute, before vocals incept in this five minute song. One of the best songs of the album to me – I luckily found that live video of The New Joker.

5. In Another Life
In Another Life reminds me very much of Products of War – however, I like the fifth track on the album more. Nice track!
6. The Strain
The Strain has a very quiet, nearly meditative middle part, which is embedded in Project Renegade’s metal sound. Good one.
7. Respirator
Especially at the beginning of the song, you hear some more electric boost in the song. One of the tracks where I like the vocals in the chorus most. I also like how the song alters between different atmospheres.
8. Sylar
The ingredients of most songs on this album are the same: the dominating voice of Marianna, guitars, atmospheric elements, narrative parts. Sounds very boring somehow (and I would love to have a ballad or something very different definitely…), but Order Of The Minus just does not get boring.
9. A Demon Has Escaped The Triangle
A Demon Has Escaped The Triangle is an atmospheric instrumental track, some electric sound elements and again a chant-alike sound here and there. Definitely adds some variation.
10. Black Mountain
With nearly eight minutes, the final track Black Mountain is the longest track on Project Renegade’s debut album. The song starts with Marianna’s voice and just some string-alike background music. The song feels like a chant here. It keeps a lovely atmosphere, while there are more and more guitars in the background. Very nicely structured song.


Project Renegade – Order Of The Minus – Spotify

As soon as the album is officially published, I will add a Spotify widget here.


Project Renegade – Order Of The Minus – My View

Ευχαριστώ την Ελλάδα! (Thank you Greece!). Order Of The Minus is a real treat and a lot of fun to listen to. I love Marianna’s voice, the songs are hard, versatile, but also melodic. It is definitely worth listening to this album, even though it just feels too often that they have not reached their potential yet. The Greek answer to Evanescence deserves to take the next steps in metallands! on Hard Rock and Metal

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