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Chancy DeAnne - Chancy DeAnne



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very straight, good songs
  • Variable sound in a rather traditional (but not outdated) style
  • Entertaining

When I scanned the new releases as of 17th May 2024, I ran into the self-titled debut EP by Chancy DeAnne. With her single release Fuck Country Music, the female country artist already grew some attention. Let’s have a deeper listen into her music.


Chancy DeAnne – About The Artist

Chancy DeAnne is a US American country music artist from West Virginia. She is a qualified nurse and did music in parallel. However, she started to release music with the songs on her debut EP. The first song release has been A Place To Fall Apart, published in January 2024.


Chancy DeAnne – Chancy DeAnne – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. A Place To Fall Apart

The EP kicks off with the two singles released so far. A Place To Fall Apart comes in a rather classic country music style. If you like moderate speed country songs with fiddle and steel guitar presence, Chancy DeAnne has this track in stock for you. A Place To Fall Apart is also a good choice for the rather romantic times in life. I like it.

2. Fuck Country Music

With that kind of title, you definitely draw attention. The song is in fact criticizing the monotony in modern country music – or as DeAnne asks in the second stanza, Tequila, whiskey, beer, where’s the one for the working man? I feel it’s a really cool track.

Fuck country music
Fuck fiddle and steel
Fuck that small town southern pride
Red blue and white life that was real
I ain’t gonna just sit back
And watch em do it
Fuck country music

3. Don’t Tell Motel

You can rent by the hour, you can rent by the night – in the third song, DeAnne is taking is to the stories which are happening in and around this typical US-American style accommodation. I feel it is another song you can really relate to well.

4. Call Me Country

The fourth track of the EP shows a darker and more rocking side of Chancy DeAnne. This also leads to a more modern country music touch. The song has a nice groove and a really catching melody. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

5. Where The Hell’d My Country Go

Where the hell’d my country go
Ain’t seen no farm boys or girls home grown
Can’t even find it on the radio
Where the hell’d my country go

The closing song is somehow connecting to Fuck Country Music, but also criticizes nowadays lifestyle. By that, it is also somehow a country music stereotypical song, aiming for good, old times. However, it is a really listen. I like it.


Chancy DeAnne – Chancy DeAnne – Spotify

Here is the debut EP on Spotify:


Chancy DeAnne – Chancy DeAnne – My View

Chancy DeAnne is a really nice debut EP, which tries to define an own character. It is straight, a bit of cheeky and definitely individual. I like all five tracks, they are all good listens. Maybe not a top notch listen, but a set of songs which is definitely worth investing the 16 minute listen.

Favorite Song: Don’t Tell Motel


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