Kenny Foster – Somewhere in Middle America

Kenny Foster - Somewhere in Middle America



4.4/5 Pros

  • Beautiful stories
  • Great songwriting
  • Nice variety of tracks

A new album by Kenny Foster – sounds too good to be true. The charismatic and humorous US-American country music artist gained so much love here in Germany with his impressive Sound of Nashville shows and outstanding stories. No new shows in Europe announced, but there is a new album: on 21st October 2022, Kenny shares 13 songs with his fans – here is my review of Somewhere in Middle America.


Kenny Foster – About The Artist

Kenny Foster is a Missouri-origin artist, who is nowadays living in Nashville. I have seen Kenny in several live shows, e.g. at the Listening Room in June 2019 or as part of a Sarah Darling show in Frankfurt in November the same year. You also find some bio information in a very special posting dealing with Kenny’s thoughts about his Deep Cuts.


Kenny Foster – Somewhere in Middle America – Track by Track

The 13 song album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Somewhere in Middle America

The title track opens for Kenny Foster’s 2022 album. The atmospheric song thereby feels like both, a beautiful initial listen as well as an introduction to the spheres of this album.

2. Poor Kids

So sad that this song so far just attracted some 1.2k listeners on Spotify – Poor Kids is such a beautiful write and a lovely melody. Beautiful example of Kenny Foster’s skillful songwriting.

3. Copy Paste Repeat

This song concludes the set of three songs which have already been released by Kenny Foster before the album. I love this beautiful, personal atmosphere, in which Kenny Foster tells the very emotional story of the song. Great write.

4. Driveway

After this rather quiet and intimate atmosphere, Kenny Foster takes us on the Driveway and presents a song with airplay potential. Kenny sounds a bit of mainstream at first sight – but the more you listen to the story, the more you know: this is a Foster.

5. Farmer

Famer is a very autobiographic song. Again, the song shows that you don’t need to be loud to impress. Farmer just does right to sent out its story.

6. Dreams Change

Concentrating on Spotify streams, Dreams Change has been the most successful single release of Somewhere in Middle America so far. Foster thinks about former – and nowadays – targets in life. Dreams Change – and in case of this songs, you simply enjoy listening about it.

7. For What It’s Worth

A man looking for the sense of life, For What It’s Worth. Kenny Foster is very poetic and philosophic in this song. This guy has a great sense of humor – but he is also able to present the deep topics in style.

8. The One

The One is a beautiful listen, not only for ballad lovers. I was the one before the one – Kenny is also doing these kinds of topics with a beautiful style.

9. Country Heart

Country Heart is a country music love song with a mainstream texture. I love to listen to Kenny’s warm and gentle voice in here. A straight – and great – listen.

10. Good for Growing Up

The tenth track is connecting to the typical Kenny Foster sound. Nice background melodies, the focus is on the storytelling, though. Very nice listen.

11. Said to Somebody

This song is another very personal song. I guess it is great for a songwriter’s round or a small venue concert – the song creates a lovely and magical atmosphere.

12. Find the Others

Not yet a shanty, but Kenny Foster moves very close to pub songs and folk music in this song. I just cannot deny that this song makes you sway to the rhythm – and doesn’t the core phrase of the chorus, We’ll make our own friends, every shape, creed and colour, fit perfectly to that?

13. The Same

The Same closes Somewhere in Middle America. The song is about Kenny’s father, keeping faith, standing for virtues and values. Great song, which I guess Kenny also wrote as an early musical greeting to his own child.


Kenny Foster – Somewhere in Middle America – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Kenny Foster – Somewhere in Middle America – My View

Kenny Foster stays Kenny Foster – and that is great! He is an amazing storyteller, he is very open minded and personal in his songs. Some tracks need two or three listens – but then they start feeling like a really good friend. Love it!


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