Songs Of The Week (week of 04 November 2022)

After two intercontinental trips in October 2022, I am somehow glad that I am scheduled to stay in Europe until at least February 2023. I am still quite exhausted from the New York City trip – but it will lead to a lot of interesting content. On the music side, you feel that the industry is moving more and more closer to winter time: songs become slower, warmer, more gentle. And, of course, there are Christmas tunes. All of that is reflected in my new Songs of the Week.


Robespierre – Shades on the Glade

A rock song with folk flavor – I just loved Shades on the Glade from the very first moment of listening. In early 2023, there will also be a new album by the duo, which will be working with some very well-known guest musicians on this long-play.


Avril Lavigne with Yungblud – I’m a Mess

A new one by Avril Lavigne – but this time, the Canadian artist sounds rather brave and calm. More like a country or folk music girl than an alternative rocker. Her British partner in crime, Yungblud, does not change it. A really nice listen.


Fury in the Slaughterhouse – Better Times Will Come

Aaah, Fury <3. The Hanover guys are truly German rock giants. And they deliver good songs. Like this one, Better Times Will Come. which is teasing a new album, Hope. Love it!


Liger – We Were Gods

A liger is an unfortunate breed of lion and tiger… or an alternative rock band from Germany. We were Gods is definitely no proof of genetic accidents in an animal park, but a straight and great rocker. You might know the guys as Rednight, which has been a former band name.


Tochter – Idiot

Tochter simply means “daughter”. Idiot (the same word as in English) is a powerful, self-confident pop-rocker. The song feels a bit too simple at first listen… But I promise that this daughter stays in your ear after you listened to the track two, three times. Nice song by the music duo from Berlin, who will tour Germany in December 2022.


Marco Stern – Wenn ein Gefühl

Marco Stern’s Wenn ein Gefühl starts like a rocker with stomping drums, but the chorus is surprisingly harmonic and melodic. I simply loved listening to this tune.


Domstürmer – Zo Hus

Late October and early November is typically also the time when Cologne bands  release their main song for the next carnival season. This time, I present you two of them. The first one are the Domstürmer, which translates to “Cathedral Hotspur” or something similar. Their song is simply called Zo Hus – “At Home”.


Pläsier – Zosamme (em Karneval)

Compared to the Domstürmer, the band Pläsier likely does a bit more of a traditional sound. This song title translates to “Together in carnival”. Alaaf!


Boppin’ B – Untamed Love

That’s a kind of music which simply makes me smile – Boppin’ B is a band from Aschaffenburg, which is doing very rock’n’roll and rockabilly sound with a very fun and modern touch. According to their press kit, they have played about 6,000 gigs already – I definitely can imagine that these guys are fun on stage.


Sarah Connor – Ring Out The Bells

One of the November 2022 album releases I am looking forward to most is Not So Silent Night, a Christmas album by the German artist Sarah Connor. While we still have to wait some two more weeks for the full release, the appetizer feels promizing.


AnJosef – Bestseller

just a few weeks before her 26th birthday, this Austrian singer-songwriter releases a fascinating song, Bestseller. In 2017, she finished third at The Voice of Germany (under her civil name Anna Heimrath). Anna / AnJosef is working and living in Graz.


Anna-Sophie – Make Things Right

I featured this Austrian artist in a Songs of the Week edition in February 2022 already. Similar to her song at that time, Make Things Right blows me away with a straight, very modern and very international sound. Great production.


Tiesto & Tate McRae – 10:35

The song is part of a Dubai luxury hotel marketing campaign. The song is a collaboration of the Dutch DJ Tiesto (with a trema on the “e”) and the Canadian dancer and singer Tate McRae. Typical DJ pop, well produced.


Ayron Jones – Otherside

From pop tunes to a bit more rocking vibes. Ayron Jones is an artist from Seattle. He more and more established in the Northwest US music scene. Otherside could be a step towards making it bigger in Europe as well


Kaiser Chiefs – How 2 Dance

The Leeds indie-rockers Kaiser Chiefs teach us How 2 Dance their way this week. Nice blend of electronic pop tunes and rock elements. And, yeah, I just felt I have to move to this groove. They did right, obviously.


Fletcher – Suckerpunch

The New Jersey artist Cari Elise Fletcher (or, simply: Fletcher) is growing bigger and bigger, not only in the LGBTQ+ community. She recently released the album Girl of my Dreams, here is a new single already (which is part of a deluxe version of the album).


P!nk – Never Gonna Not Dance Again

From a future US pop giant to an artist who definitely made it already: P!nk released this impressive song this weekend. Feels like a musical song or a movie soundtrack. The percussion work is really great, ain’t it? I love it!


Maria Linda – Natale das ganze Jahr

Sorry if you are not really in the Christmas mood. Maria Linda states Schon im September freu’ ich mich auf diese Zeit – “already in September, I am looking forward to this time”. A schlager song, which is so kitschy that you can really just listen to it between November and late December. That’s likely why the German-Italian artist did not dare to release in September already.


Senta – Verlieren

Senta-Sofia Delliponti is a German singer and musical actress. If you feel to know Senta’s (her current artist name) face somehow – you might know her from her early works as Oonagh. Under this name, she had four Top 10 albums in Germany, four golden records and a platinum one. Now, there is a re-branding… and a lovely pop song.


Selena Gomez – My Mind & Me

Texas multi-talented entertainer Selena Gomez closes the playlist this time. The song is a comparably slow and intimate one – I absolutely loved to listen to it. Hope you like it too and look forward to my next Songs of the Week edition.


Title picture: Robespierre single cover


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