Carver Louis – Take Off EP

Carver Louis - Take Off



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice voice, artist with a lot of potential
  • Nice mainstream modern country songs Cons

  • Songs are too similar

After having reasonable success with his debut album in 2018, Carver Louis was not too active regarding his country song releases. On 16th April 2021, though, he came back with a six track EPTake Off. Here are my thoughts about the songs of the Utah artist. .


Carver Louis – About The Artist

Carver Louis lived the life of a small town kid in his early years. He was born and raised in Tooele, Utah, a small village not too far away from Salt Lake City. He did a lot of sports in his youth, but also grew in music. His press kit tells about first merits in 2016 with a cover of Thomas Rhett’s Die A Happy Man. In 2017, he released his debut single Through With You. One year later, he released his debut seven track EP Through With You, of which some songs gained some impact in the country music community. In 2019 and 2020, he released one single each – both are part of Take Off. 


Carver Louis – Take Off – Track by Track

The six song album lasts 19 minutes.

1. I Hope You’re Good

I Hope You’re Good is the opener to the album. The song is rather in the mid-tempo range, I enjoy to listen to the rhythmic vibe and the good guitar play. A nice modern country recording.

2. Back

Compared to the opening track, Back has more power, which turns the song to a really good listen. The song feels very straight and compact. Good song, which again comes with a short guitar solo.

3. Rotgut

At the time of review, Rotgut is the second-most streamed song by Carver Louis on Spotify. Another really nice song, but the plot is really close to the first two songs before.

4. Change Up

Change Up is the second song released already as a single beforehand on this EP. It is my favorite one on the album – but overall, the songs are very similar so far. Bad luck, this guy really has a nice style.

5. Take Off

The last two song of the EP get a bit slower and feel more intimate. The fifth track is the title track Take Off, which has been released in an acoustic version before. The verses feel a mit more mainstream-lined, but the EP version of this song is overall a really good song, which also stays in your mind.

6. Back To You

With Back To You, the EP closes with its longest song (3:34 minutes). The song feels a similar to the title track first, but I feel it’s got more power. I also like the way the guitar is backing Carver Louis in this song. Nice finish.


Carver Louis – Take Off – Spotify

Here is Carver Louis’ EP on Spotify:


Carver Louis – Take Off – My View

When I pre-listened to the EP as part of my new release reviews, I really enjoyed the first snippets I heard. It is definitely unfortunate that this EP is not giving a wide showcase of the artist. The songs are too close to each other. Really sad as I feel that this Utah guy has a lot of potential. It is still a nice EP, it could simply be better.


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