Lizzie No – Halfsies

Lizzie No - Halfsies



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very straight indie folk album
  • Fluent listen Cons

  • No top tracks

The online magazine NPR named Lizzie No A magnetic performer and a rising star in the folk world. With Halfsies, the artist is already releasing her third studio album. Here is my view on the 19th January 2024 publication.


Lizzie No – About The Artist

Lizzie No is typically categorized as an indie-folk artist. She is originally from Princeton, New Jersey, and does not only write songs, but also plays the guitar and the harp. In 2017, she debuted with the album Hard Won. Especially the song Please Don’t Change Your Mind, which has almost five million streams on Spotify put a certain spotlight on her. In 2019, she added the sophomore album Vanity to her discography. However, that has also been the last long-play release by the US-American artist.


Lizzie No – Halfsies – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 34 minutes

1. Halfsies

The album is opened with the title track, which Lizzie No recorded with Allison Russell. Halfsies comes with a very gentle, fairy-alike melody, which creates more energy and presence in its second half.

2. Sleeping In the Next Room-01

The second track of the album follows the gentle pattern of the predecessor. However, the rhythmic and groove elements are more present, so that the song is having a slightly more pop-alike character. Lizzie No has a beautiful storytelling in here.

3. Lagunita

Lagunita is the first song of the album, which has already been published as a single. The song is more rocking with a stronger presence of the guitars. This definitely leads to a nice listen.

4. The Heartbreak Store

In the following single release, the artist takes us to The Heartbreak Store. The song is the most beautiful listen of the album so far to me – the US-American artist presents a lovely balance of folk-style strumming chords and the ease of a pop song.

5. Deadbeat

The instruments are tootling at the beginning of the song and lead to an almost heavenly style. This does not change significantly, even when later in the song strings are added to the backing of the high voice of the artist.

6. Done

The high chords of the guitar in this song almost feel like a harp. The whole song stays in the very gentle, fairy-alike style of the album so far. It is a proof of good songwriting that this does not feel being too bording.

7. Mourning Dove Waltz

The Mourining Dove Waltz does not have too much of the classic triple meter of the dance, but is likely the slowest song of the album. This turns the song into a slightly tiring experience to me. Not my favorite listen.

8. Annie Oakley

In the eighth song, Lizzie No reminds of the US-American trick shot artist Annie Oakley. Similar to one of the other single releases, Lagunita, this song feels very loud and rocking in the context of the other songs. I do like the Annie Oakley – but you should be aware of that the feature singles might not be too characteristic for the album as a whole.

9. Shield and Sword

Shield and Sword is a nice listen if you like folk music as well as country music. The song uses elements of both genres and melts them to an overall really nice listen. One of the best songs of the album, which haven’t been released yet. WIth 2:34 minutes, the ninth track is rather short.

10. Getaway Car

THe tenth song opens in the typical quiet and gentle fashion of the Halfsies album, but then breaks out and becomes an energetic folk rocker. Again, there are some country music references. This song is nicely driven by the drumming.

11. Babylon

The album closes with the nice folk ditty Babylon. It might not be the deepest recording of the album, but the song has a really nice touch and thus is a suitable closing for this closing.


Lizzie No – Halfsies – Spotify

Here is Halfsies on Spotify:


Lizzie No – Halfsies – My View

I feel that Lizzie No recorded a really nice album. There is no striking track, which stays in your mind. But you have a gentle listening experience – and that’s not too bad. A very solid one.

Favorite Song: Getaway Car


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