Tanzos – Win Fight Dream Lose EP

Tanzos - Win Fight Dream Lose




Music made in Austria: Unfortunately I did not know too much about Tanzos before I ran into his new major released Win Fight Dream Lose. The five track EP has been published on 25th November 2022. Here is my review.


Tanzos – About The Artist

Tanzos is an Austrian artist, who had his first steps as the band lead of the former alternative band zeronic. The band released four albums overall. In 2017, Tanzos released his first album New Room. However, at that point in time, he was already doing solo music, but still worked under the name Mik. Since 2019, he is known under his current stage name.


Tanzos – Win Fight Dream Lose – Track by Track

The five song album lasts 17 minutes.

1. Win Fight Dream Lose

The EP opens with the title track. Win Fight Dream Lose is a beautiful, straight rock song with a very melodic sound. The chorus stays in your mind – the Austrian is simply doing a lot of things right in this 3:39 minutes recording.

2. Good Intentions

Good Intentions has been one of the single releases of the EP so far. The song has a stronger flavor of alternative rock. The background melody is the key catch of the song. Very good song, on the vocal as well as on the instrumental side.

3. This Solitary Scene

The third song continues presenting the alternative rock side of Tanzos. This time, the instruments are rather driving the rhythm and the vibe, while the Austrian is defining the melody on the microphone. This leads to a very melodic and harmonic side, which the instruments drive the song. Nice.

4. Mood Swings

The single release Mood Swings is my favorite of the release. The song is nicely focusing on the chorus and is very balanced between the vocal side and the guitars. The main melodies are simple, but it is hard to get them out of your head after listening. Love it.

5. Nevermind (Piano Version)

Tanzos released Nevermind in January 2021. Win Fight Dream Lose features the song in the piano version. This does not mean that the song is stripped down to that instrument only – but the 2022 version leads to a very intimate listen and most of the time feels like a ballad. The finale of the song even turns out to have a rather dramatic touch.


Tanzos – Win Fight Dream Lose – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Tanzos – Win Fight Dream Lose – My View

Win Fight Dream Lose is a very nice listen by Tanzos. Even though the songs stay in the rock / alt rock area, the songs all have a characteristic touch and add value to the listen. I definitely like it.


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