Benediction – Scriptures

Benediction - Scriptures



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great death metal album
  • Outstanding drum work

Benediction are quite a big name in the Death Metal scene. The British, however, haven’t released any album since twelve years. On 16th October, they will publish Scriptures, however. Here is my review.

Benediction – About The Artists

The roots of Benediction are going back to 1989. The death metal quintet has been found in 1989 in Birmingham. Nowadays, there are only two original members of the band left: Darren Brookes and Peter Rewinski Rew both do the electric guitars at Benediction. The band still has five members, Dave Ingram has just recently taken over the vocals from Dave Hunt, who did that job since 1998 (Ingram was the singer of Benediction in their early years as well). Gio Dust (drums, since 2019) and Dan Bate (bass, since 2018) are quite new to the band. They released seven albums so far – however, the latest major release, the album Killing Music has been released in 2008.


Benediction – Scriptures – Track by Track

The album includes 12 tracks and lasts 47 minutes.

1. Iterations Of I

From the very first moment of the album, I feel with Gio Durst. This guy is doing an amazing job at the trap set – kids, don’t play the drums like that at home. Iterations Of I starts heavy from the very first second. This album is made for headbanging – and Iterations Of I does not leave a single second of doubts.

2. Scriptures In Scarlet

Scriptures In Scarlet continues in the style of the lead track: nice melodies, great work on the drums, present vocals. Thereby, this track feels to be more melodical. Like it.

3. The Crooked Man

Compared to the first two songs, The Crooked Man is almost a battle. It will at least be a short time to reast on the future Benediction songs (even though it takes up more and more speed in its finale).

4. Stormcrow

Not too surprising that the label selected Stormcrow as one of the singles of the album. The track is even quicker, the vocals are greatly arranged against the guitars and the bass. To me, this is the best track of the album – it is just a great, powerful fun!

5. Progenitors Of A New Paradigm

In the 5:25 minute epic Progenitors Of A New Paradigm, the guitars are more present to me than in other songs. Ingram’s voice feels to incessantly brawl to the vocals into the mike – Benediction feel unstoppable in this track.

6. Rabid Carnality

Radio format? Regarding it is a death metal track, the 2:45 minute Rabid Carnality feels to be extremely short. Finally, it does not hurt the track. It is compact – but powerful.

7. In Our Hands, The Scars

In Our Hands, The Scars has a very intense bass play, the comparably slow track thus has an extra-dark atmosphere. One of the best tracks of the album to me.

8. Tear Off These Wings

Ingram at its best. Tear Off These Wings has a lot of power and his vocals are driving the song like a marching band… on the speed of light. Did I mention that I really feel with death metal drummers?

9. Embrace The Kill

Embrace The Kill is another track which only lasts less than three minutes. Gio Dust is hammering the drums at an incredible speed in this death metal sprint. If you try to headbang to the rhythm, you might be happy that it is a short one – at least the bridge gives you some time to relax as well.

10. Neverwhen

It is hard to point out any special thing about individual tracks on Scriptures any more: Benediction are simply delivering. Great, unstoppable rhythm, powerful vocals and the guys at the strings blast the amps. Scriptures is a twelve song fun, Neverwhen is part of the fun – it is hard to to identify any high and lows if you do metal at this high level.

11. The Blight At The End

The guitars are in focus to me at The Blight At The End – and strongly support the rhythm dictated by the guy on the drumsticks. Great fun again!

12. We Are Legion

They march on, they march on, they are the legion. Great finish!


Benediction – Scriptures – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Benediction – Scriptures – My View

There is no doubt: Benediction goes for the top rankings: 12 years is already a pretty good whiskey, but it feels to be an even better waiting time for death metal tunes. The band delivers a masterpiece – if you do not like death metal, you will not buy this one anyway… But if there is a little headbanger in your soul, Scriptures will make this guy smile brightly.



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