Ziggy Alberts – searching for freedom

Ziggy Alberts - searching for freedom



3.5/5 Pros

  • Lovely songwriting and good stories
  • Beautiful aura of songs Cons

  • Some songs do not catch me at all
  • Second half is a bit of monotonous

Releasing your first EP some one and a half year after you started to learn the guitar feels like a quite amazing story. It is the story of the Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts. On 19th March 2021, he is releasing his fifth studio album, searching for freedom.


Ziggy Alberts – About The Artist

Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter born 1994. He grew up in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He was given a guitar by his parents as a graduation present in late. He started to learn the instrument and already released a first self-released EP (Feels Like Home) in 2012. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded the record label Commonfolk Records and released his debut album Made Of Water in 2013. He had two releases so far, which had great success in Down Under. His 2016 EP Four Feet in the Forest gained platinum status. Two years later, the album Laps Around The Sun peaked in the Australian Top 10 album and gained a golden record.


Ziggy Alberts – searching for freedom – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. keeper

keeper is the tender beginning of the album. Concentrated on the lyrics, just with some acoustic guitar and a backing vocalist. Beautiful song.

2. together

And I will fight for this
Stand for right over wrong as
Our old trees are burning down
And I will write for this country I adore
And we can come together now
And I will stand beside you
Won’t let hate reside here
Lock hands together in the crowd
And we will fight for this country we adore
In hard times each of us know how
Throw fear aside, regrowth can come along

A beautiful song about standing together and caring for each other. While the verses are again rather gentle and tender, the melodic chorus of together is very present and catching. Best song of the album to me.

3. don’t get caught

don’t get caught is more rhythmic and also comes with a more permanent melody on the instrumental side than the two songs before. Nice songwriting with a folk touch.

Don’t get caught up
Letting the news tear each other apart
Fear’s making money but doing nothing for us
Nothing for us

4. letting go

I’m letting go
See I’ve been trying
To hold on, hold onto this fear all alone
I’m letting go
See I’ve been trying
To hold on, hold onto this fear all alone
And it doesn’t feel right anymore

A lively acoustic guitar play in the background, which is supporting – and a more powerful and present chorus. Ziggy Albert just does not need too much more. He is doing lovely lyrics, well-told stories. letting go is one of them.

5. heartbeat

heartbeat is the las song I found which has been published before the album.

‘Cause I’ve seen all the pretty girls and I like to believe
That you are different
You’re in a different league

Ain’t that a lovely love declaration? A song about missing each other deeply. The song is not too kitschy, though. The clapping rhythm even leads to a slight groove.

6. chocolate

chocolate has a very accentuated rhythm. The song also comes with significant violin sounds in the background, so that it is definitely standing out, compared to the songs before. I really like that track.

7. holding you

holding you comes with a rather deep and melancholic mood. Unfortunately, you have to say that at these songs, Ziggy Alberts tends to mutter. here and then – which makes it more difficult than necessary to understand him. The song get more intense towards its end – and it is easier to listen to him then as well.

8. chemistry

The eighth track is about the chemistry between two loving people. Overall, I feel that this is one of the weaker songs of the album. Neither the lyrics nor the melodic part has outstanding or surprising elements. But it is still a pretty solid one.

9. getting low

The rhythmic sounds in these song at least feel to be stronger than the guitars – sometimes they even distract me from listening to the lyrics. The claps, however, rather lead to a monotony, a feeling of being desperate – they are definitely not made for dancing. Suddenly, the song turns into a happy song with trumpets. Very interesting plot and nice song.

10. circus

The visit at the circus is one of the best songs of the second half of the album to me. Looking behind the glamourous circus life may be like looking behind walls in front of the soul of a person. Beautiful and very melodic composition.

11. feeling you

The album becomes very intimate when Ziggy Alberts sings feeling you. A lovely love song, but you definitely have to listen closely to enjoy it.

12. searching for freedom

searching for freedom is a beautiful closing track of the album. One of these songs you just have to listen to. Close your eyes and let Ziggy’s song touch your heart. Definitely an unexpected highlight of the album.


Ziggy Alberts – searching for freedom – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget to this review once the album has been published.


Ziggy Alberts – searching for freedom – My View

Ziggy Alberts does a kind of music I generally love to listen to. Handmade, good stories, nice atmosphere in the songs. It is that kind of songs you listen to and to dive deep into the stories, into new worlds, new emotions. I took a couple of these amazing trips with Ziggy Alberts on this twelve song journey. Unfortunately, I have to say that a couple of stages failed. He just did not manage to catch me, to concentrate on his music in these tracks.


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