Allessa – Sommerregen

Allessa - Sommerregen



3.4/5 Pros

  • Very talented artist / vocalist
  • Good dance grooves Cons

  • Very thin lyrics
  • Monotonous album

An Austrian with roots in three other different countries, being successful with other bands in the past… and also being a veterinarian. Allessa indeed has quite an interesting bio – not the only reason to give her new album a try. Here are my thoughts about Sommerregen (“Summer Rain”), which has been released on 11th June 2021.


Allessa – About The Artist

Alessa’s civil name is Elke Kaufmann. She is not only doing schlager music, but is also a approved veterinarian. She grew up in Graz in Austria, but she has also German, Italian and Hungarian roots. Kaufmann is already in the music business since the late 1990’s. She became prominent initially as part of C-Bra, a girl band which had three hits in Austria. With her next band project, Rapublic, she even had a golden record in her home country.

She had taken a hiatus as an on-stage artist and also worked as DJ, before she joined some cover bands back in Austria. In 2007, she debuted as a solo artist with the album Samstag Nacht, which made it to the 42th spot in the local album charts. The following two albums, Alessa (2012) and Adrenalin (2015), have even been Austrian Top 20 albums. Her most recent album Das Beste just made it to the Top 40 in 2019.


Allessa – Sommerregen – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 45 minute. I also found a fifteen track list with two additional songs – which is likely a deluxe version.

1. Das kann’s doch nicht gewesen sein

Warum hast Du nicht nein gesagt? The opener of Allessa’s about very strongly reminds me of the super-schlager by Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser. Too much comfort zone for me, even though the song is like just different enough to really call it a cover.

2. Verbotene Liebe

Verbotene Liebe (“Forbidden Love”) is slightly slower with an accentuated rhyhtm. The song has been released as a single. I feel the song feels very familar and is very easy to stay in your mind. Not bad.

3. Non succedera piu

This time, I definitely may call the track a cover: this Italian song was an original by Claudia Mori and Adriano Celentano. A very rhythmic and energetic interpretation, which I really enjoy listening.

4. Von mir aus kannst du geh’n

The second single release so far on the album is Von mir aus kannst Du gehen (“Regarding my thoughts, you are free to leave”). A straight schlager track with a solid vocal performance, a present disco fox rhythm and a reasonable arrangement. Not sure if the song is sufficiently special and competitive to be more characteristic than other peers for airplay slots. But it is an enjoyable sound.

5. Nimm deine Träume wieder mit

I struggle a bit with Nimm Deine Träume wieder mit (“Take your dreams back with you”). The song is not bad at all. But it just feels too slow. If you would do an uptempo track out of it, I would be much better, I think. Nice vocal performance in this one. Apart from that – Sommerregen has a strong mainstream touch.

6. L’amour

No, this song is not a French one. The song is about feeling love in Paris, though. I like that the melodic samples refer to French traditional music. Despite the song is somehow special, I feel it is a rather weaker one. Also a bit of a matter of taste, of course.

7. Damals jetzt und immer

The song has a nice groove – but overall, the track is a bit too thin to me. I accept that pop and schlager don’t need to be too deep in their message. The brute enforcement of adjacent rhymes is just too present in the seventh song.

8. Explosiv

Tag und Nacht
Hab gekämpft,
geglaubt, ich kann ein Sieger sein.

Day and Night
Running Through
I fighted
Thought that I can be a winner”)

It is schlager, it is pop… Just switch of your brain and dance to enjoy the song. The arrangement is not bad at all. But a bit more of a story wouldn’t be that bad.

9. Überschall

The song literally translated to Supersonic. Some how nice picturesque lyrics – but on the other hand, it is one of this schlager tracks which make me feel that they had a topic and a fancy melody – and force the lyrics to somehow fit into it.

Dein Körper ist meine Galaxie
Deine Hände bringen mich zum vibrieren

(“Your body is my galaxy
Your hands cause me to vibrate”)

Amazon, please add the Explicit marking to this track 😉

10. Liberta

There are a couple of tracks, which make you feel really comfortable while listening. The key reason that the Allessa song somehow makes you think about other songs you know – but finally, this one is just too far away from the Sommerregen story. One of these tracks is Liberta, which gives me some thoughts about Claudia Jung, for example. Overall, one of the most catching songs of the album.

11. Die Liebe ist Sieger

This song is performed in rather high notes – sometimes close to the falsetto. Schlager fans will like this one. To me, it is too schlager-alike.

12. Dornröschen

Dornröschen is the German name of The Sleeping Beauty. The song is indeed about the prince, which is freeing the fairy character. Do people really relate to this kind of stories?

13. Wenn Träume sterben

The album is really lacking different moods and sounds. At least this final track is doing a slower, less rhythmic song. Wenn Träume sterben (“When dreams are dying”) also nicely illustrates that Allessa is indeed a really talented singer. Bad luck that the monotony of the album is distracting from that.


Allessa – Sommerregen – Spotify

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Allessa – Sommerregen – My View

After listening to these songs, I really feel ashamed. I think that the artist has so much talent. you just enjoy to listen to Allessa and her Sommerregen songs. Bad luck that if you listen too much (and speak German), you more and more feel that some songs are too naive, too simple… Almost stupid. Good production, talented artist… But that thing is blocking the route to a really high rating. and Austria

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