Björn Heuser – Kopp voll Dräum (Nashville Recordings)

Björn Heuser - Kopp voll Dräum



4.6/5 Pros

  • Nashville meets Cologne
  • Really nice lyrics and good production Cons

  • In sufficient promotion, incl. no tour planned yet

I was quite stunned when I ran into an Instagram advertisement: Björn Heuser, a Cologne singer- songwriter just recently released a new album. I would typically get these kind of things – but that project became even more interesting when I saw that Kopp voll Dräum (“Head full of dreams”) is a country music album recorded in good-old Nashville. Hometown music, hometown language (the album is recorded in Kölsch, local Cologne dialect) and Nashville sounds – feels like a must-review for The album has been released on 22nd November 2019.

Björn Heuser – About the Artist

Björn Heuser is a Cologne local music hero. Born in 1982 in the city, he became very famous to organize sing-a-long evenings in a Cologne brewery every Friday, mainly covering songs of Cologne local bands, but also classics. Out of this event, a couple of major ones developed around the Cathedral: at the end of summer each year (September/October), Heuser easily sells out the Cologne Lanxess Arena with a sing-a-long event, Kölle singt (“Cologne is singing”). There are other events like Loss mer Weihnachtsleder singe (“Let’s sing Christmas songs”), which is held in the Cologne Rhein-Energie-Stadion.

In addition to that, Heuser is releasing music since 2011. Below is a single he relased about a year ago, Mir levve jetz (“We are now living”)


Björn Heuser – Kopp voll Dräum – Track by Track

The album includes 14 tracks. The playtime is 48 minutes. Funnily, there is neither promotion for the album on Heuser’s website nor a proper single (at least I could not find a music video based on one of the songs).

1. Övverall

Of course, the first track is something like a starter, the appetizer, a first clue whether the album is on the good or the bad side. Björn Heuser clearly sets sails to the good musical waters to me. A speedy track with references to Cologne as well as to Nashville with a lot of country music elements.

2. Mi Levve lang

Mi Levve lang (“My whole life”) was a song which made me think how close country music and carnival songs can be. The sing-a-long song has country-alike verses, but the chorus is also not too bad for Cologne’s most festive season (the one after Christmas…)

3. Joot met mir

While the second track had a strong touch of Cologne carnival style, this song, which praises luck and god for what Heuser achieved in his live, is country without any doubt. A lovely ballad – the Rhine and the Cumberland River have maybe never been that close than in these three minutes. Wow!

4. Johnny Cash

Okay, at least I do not need to translate this song name. With that song latest, though it has rather classic country style, Björn Heuser did another great song. Again, the chorus has some potential to be used in carnival as well.

5. Su noh un doch su fään (feat. Julia Hoeger)

Su noh un doch su fään (“So close and still so far away”), a song about being split far away, is a lovely duet and one of the core track of the album to me. Impressive!

6. Mieh Zick

Cologne people like to sway to the music from the left to the right – and this ballad (“More Time”) is just made for that. Again, we are a bit closer to the Rhine than to Cumberland River, maybe.

7. Barfoss em Sand

This song is another C+C (country and carnival) fusion one. Catchy melody, but maybe not as good as some of the tracks before.

8. Jlöckliche Mädche

The Jlöckliche Mädche (happy girls) are one of the most stunning tracks of the album to me. If you listen to the song technically, it is old school country music, maybe even a touch of Bluegrass. On the other hand, the easy topic, the speedy rhythm and this special thing in the song, which just makes you want to dance is so Cologne. If we got Sound of Nashville in Cologne – do they Need Sound of Cologne in Nashville maybe?

9. Fedder em Wind (feat. Julia Hoeger)

Julia Hoeger, who is lead-singing at a Cologne carnival band, is joining the album for another ballad. Another special moment on Kopp voll Dräum.

10. Do bes jet janz besonderes

Do bes jet janz besonderes (“You are something really special”) is another speedy country song, which has a lot of dancing potential. You might note that there have been similar songs on the album, but I feel they are still catchy, even after listening to multiple times.

11. Wörs do bei mir

Wörs do bei mir (“If you were with me”) is a slower track again. The chorus is really impressive and is a lot of fun listening to.

12. Wo bes do hück Naach

In this song, we are again more on the carnival and party side, also due to the Nah Nah Nah in the chorus. The arrangement makes you want to sing with Heuser. On the other hand, if you listen to the melody, you will still have a banjo, steel guitar and the classic Nashville sound.

13. Alles wat ich will

I just have a good mood, smile and enjoy when I listen to Björn Heuser’s album. This track just another feelgood proof.

14. Ich will zo dir

The album concludes with a accordion ballad. Hmm, maybe the least country-alike track on the album – just put it on repeat for some more.


Björn Heuser – Kopp voll Dräum – Spotify

Spotify allows you to dip into the Cologne-Nashville fusion food:


Björn Heuser – Kopp voll Dräum – My View

First of all, the album is definitely a very good one. Congrats, Björn Heuser. Sometimes, I struggle to call the songs “Country Music” – there is just too much carnival and party music soul in this Cologne local star, but there are a lot of steel guitars and true stories behind it. Other songs just give me double warmth in my heart – my Cologne soul and language as well as the Nashville sound, wow! We got a founder of the “Modern Cologne Country” – this already feels to be a reason to call the CD a Top Pick! – Björn Heuser clearly deserves that! Country Music Reviews

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