Morgan Wade – Reckless

Morgan Wade - Reckless



4.0/5 Pros

  • Nice style between country, rock and pop
  • Characteristic and very present voice
  • Versatile songs with interesting stories

I always enjoy to listen into the music of new artists. One debut album I received out of the 19th March 2021 releases is Reckless by Morgan Wade. The young Virginia lady writes pop songs with a country touch and already got quite some good reputation. I really enjoyed to have a deeper listen to her first full long-player.


Morgan Wade – About The Artist

Morgan Wade grew up in Floyd, Virginia. Nowadays, she is living in Damascus, VA, right at the border to Tennessee. Her first musical influences were bluegrass players. She started to play the violin, but felt much more comfortable with playing the guitar, which she received at the age of 12 from her grandfather. Morgan Wade started to publish music in 2019, when her debut single The Night already got quite good critics. The song is still the most frequently Morgan Wade track on Spotify, being streamed almost 700,000 times. However, some Reckless singles are close to it.


Morgan Wade – Reckless – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Wilder Days

The album incepts with Wilder Days, one of the album’s singles so far. Morgan Wade’s high voice feels pleasant and clean, the shakers give a nice rhythm – a really promising modern country song at the beginning of the publication.

You said you hate the smell of cigarette smoke,
You only use to smoke when you drank,
When you lived in Chicago,
Unsure where the wind blows,
I wish I had known you in your wilder days
And now here we go
You got me falling in love again.
You gotta secret, I wanna keep it –
I wish I’d known you in your wilder days.

2. Matches and Metaphors

Two things I recognized first when I started listening to Matches and Metaphors: the deeper voice suits Morgan Wade really good – and I love the guitar chords in the background. Really good song, which just gives me an enjoyable listen.

3. Other Side

Baby, baby, baby
We ain’t nothing but Rolling Stones,
Being a gypsy ain’t so bad when you’re with me
Because I never have to be alone.
You’ve seen the parts of me that the world says
I should hide
But even in the dark,
You love my bitter heart
And we’ll make it to the other side

The Other Side is about a long-term relationship, about trust, many shared memories. The chorus is the heartbeat of the song, which drives it to a great listen. Beautiful lyrics!

4. Don’t Cry

After the first verse suggests that this is a quiet, very thoughtful acoustic song, the chorus of Don’t Cry has a quite surprising bunch of energy. Lovely.

5. Mend

Is it country or is it pop? Mend is maybe one of the best songs to debate about it. I would call Morgan Wade’s tunes “Nashville pop”. It is likely having having more pop elements. This track, for example, comes with that easy, catching chorus. But on the other hand, you just cannot take the country out of a Nashville album like this. The label is up to you – unless you listen to this song. It is a beauty, like most of the tunes on this album.

6. Last Cigarette

I want you one last time.
Another hit to ease my mind.
I don’t want you to be over yet,
Won’t you be my last cigarette?

Not really a song about nicotine abuse. Last Cigarette with its guitar licks in the backgrounds comes with a surprisingly rocking character. The backing vocals increase the sing-a-long demand from the listener’s side. One of my favorites.

7. Take Me Away

Take Me Away is the first real ballad on the album. Not that surprising, Morgan Wade is good at that genre as well. Good one.

8. Reckless

Reckless comes with a nice rhythm and is likely a nice song to interact with the fans at a concert. It also has a nice powerful guitar solo. I would, however, not see it as central song of the album.

9. Northern Air

So tell me, tell me, how’s that northern air?
And do you think of me when you’re all alone?
Won’t you bring yourself on home?

Northern Air definitely adds a very different character to the sound of Reckless. The drums spread a continous monotony. Morgan Wade feels desperate about that split up. The longest song of the album is a very special listen.

10. Met You

I’d write you a love song
But I don’t know how that feels.
Tonight I am numb from a cocktail of pills.
I hallucinate,
Think I’m touching your skin.
I’d much rather die than think of the bed that you’re in.

After the special aura of Northern Air, Morgan Wade closes Reckless with the intimate love letter Met You. Beautiful song.


Morgan Wade – Reckless – Spotify

Here is Morgan Wade’s debut album on Spotify:


Morgan Wade – Reckless – My View

Reckless is a beautiful album between country, rock and pop, between fragile and powerful moments. The constant feature in this album is Morgan Wade, whose characteristic voice work lovely in these ten songs. I would not assign this debut a superb ranking, but it is a really good listen with a signature touch. Thus, I am sure that there are many people out there who will have a certain crush for this album. in Washington D.C.

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