Cimafunk – El Alimento

Cimafunk - El Alimento



4.1/5 Pros

  • Great mix of funk and Latin music
  • Very wide range of collaboration leads to very different songs
  • Entertaining, even if you don't speak Spanish

A blend of funk and Latin music, made in Cuba? Sounds really weird – but the music felt so catchy to me that I had to share it with you. The album is called El Alimento and the artist’s name is Cimafunk. Release date is 8th October 2021.


Cimafunk – About The Artist

Cimafunk is the alter ego of Erick Iglesias Rodriguez. He was born on 7th April 1989 in Pinar de Rio on Cuba. Nowadays, he is one of the most emerging artists of the island. One key reason for that is his characteristic sound, which is mixing Latin music with funk. His artist name is a mixture of cimarron (wild animal or escaped) and his favorite music genre. He started to study medicine before concentrating on his music career. Since 2016, he is acting as a solo musician.


Cimafunk – El Alimento – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 25 minutes.

1. Funk Aspirin (feat. George Clinton)

Cimafunk has a couple of interesting guest musicians on this album – and Funk Aspirin starts with that: for the opener, he is joined by the legendary funk producer George Clinton. The song starts as a classic funk track, but then develops more layer and also more develops towards a hip hop groove. Cool sound with a strong vibe.

2. Rompelo (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

For Rompelo, Cimafunk is joined by US rapper Lupe Fiasco. Again, this leads to a fascinating blending of the song: on the one hand, the very classic funk touch feels a bit of outdated – but Cimafunk just adds the right ingredients to do a 2021 funk sound. A definite success – even the rap parts feel to be a perfect fit.

3. Te Quema la Bemba

In Te Quema la Memba, there is a strong Cuban touch on the album for the first time. The song could be an average Bueno Vista Social Club recorded with a cool electronic rhythmic groove.

4. Caramelo

Cuban-Latin funk – it just feels that this cannot work out when you read. But then there is Cimafunk. Caramelo is a perfect example how good that sound is. I practically don’t speak Spanish and don’t get anything about the contents of the song, but the groove is just catching you. You have to dance, you have to smile. That’s what it is all about.

5. Esto es Cuba

A couple of samples and melodies, which feel very familiar – the result is Esto es Cuba. Again, the song has a nice groove – I prefer the previous songs. This one is somewhere between Peter Gabriel and Nelly.

6. La Noche (feat. ChocoQuibTown & Stylo G)

Two collaborations for La Noche: ChocoQuibTown is described in Wikipedia as a hip-hop-reggae-funk band from Columbia, while Stylo G is a Jamaican dancehall artist. The resulting Carribean night is very multi-layered… Sometimes a bit of chaotic.

7. Salvaje (feat. Chucho Valdes & Lester Snell)

After rhythmic and groovy songs, Cimafunk proofs that also quiet and slower tracks are in his comfort zone. The song is a beautiful ballad.

8. El Reparto (feat. El Micha)

This eighth song comes with a lot of tempo. Unfortunately, this also leads to a bit of a confusing

9. Estoy Pa’ Eso

This ninth song almost feels like street music to me. A cool groove, but also a touch of improvisation. Even though I feel it is one of the weaker songs of the album, the magic of the groove of the two genres (which both just make you move, don’t they?)

10. Sal De Lo Malo

Sal De Lo Malo comes with a faster rhythm. The song thereby feels a bit more like a pop track and especially loses a bit of that funk touch, but the arrangement and vibe simply stays on the very positive side.

11. La Era Del Sazon (feat. CeeLo Green)

The beginng of La Era Del Sazon reminds me a bit of Let’s Groove by Earth, Wind & Fire – but then the song takes its very own style. Sometimes groovy, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes melodic – there is a lot of variation in this one. Great collaboration with Grammy Award winner CeeLo Green.

12. No Me Alcanza (feat. Los Papines)

For the second last track of the album, Cimafunk is supported by the legendary Cuban vocal group Los Papines. A bit of slower than other songs on the album, but the a capella beat boxes are leading to a very special groove.

13. Como Te Descargo

The album closes with the very rhythmic Come Te Descargo. Definitely a(nother) song to keep this album well in mind. Like it.


Cimafunk – El Alimento – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Cimafunk – El Alimento – My View

If you read the press kit, this whole concept of Cimafunk and El Alimento feels so weird. However, I really had a good time listening to the album. I neither speak Spanish nor had lyrics of the songs in the press kit – but the artist just gave me a thirteen song long really good time. Dare the experiment and give the album a listen – I really liked it! in Curacao

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