Kerri Watt – Neptune’s Daughter

Kerri Watt - Neptune's Daughter



3.4/5 Pros

  • Nice vocal variety
  • Some really good songs
  • Interesting mix of genres Cons

  • Too many average tracks
  • Too few catching moments overall

Even though Scottish Kerri Watt is a quite established act in the British Americana and country music scene, her 2021 release Neptune’s Daughter is in fact her debut album. Definitely a good reason to have a listen to the songs. Here is my review.


Kerri Watt – About The Artist

Kerri Watt was born on 22nd August 1991. She grew up in Milngavie, a Northern suburb of Glasgow and starting point of the West Highland Way. However, she did her education in performing arts in California, before she moved to London and worked on some threatre productions. In 2011, she decided to rather focus on music. Performing her single Long Way Home in national TV in mid 2015 significantly grew the attendance on her. Another 2015 single, You, was very successful in a remix version, which lead to 1.5 million streams.

I saw Watt in 2017, supporting one of my favorite bands, Mike & the Mechanics, but Watt now received also more national airplay like on Bob Harris’ country show on BBC. A new record deal lead to some single and album releases. Band of Gold was an EP released on 1st January 2021. I decided not to review it as the songs will be part of Neptune’s Daughter. 


Kerri Watt – Neptune’s Daughter – Track by Track

The twelve song standard version of the album includes 12 tracks and lasts 42 minutes. There is a deluxe version with six acoustic versions with a total playtime of 60 minutes.

1. All The Worse For Me

The album started surprising to me: the sound of All The Worse For Me is rocking, a bit of grunge-alike with a dark touch. Not the sound I expected, but the first track for sure has a nice atmosphere.

2. Kissing Fools

I just wanna be a kissing fool
Sneak a little smoke with a drink or two
I look up and you’re doing it too
Wanna go down in flames with you
Roll up the windows and put it in park
We don’t ever have to leave this car
Heat up the night while keeping it cool
You and me
Kissing fools

Powerful guitars are definitely an element of Kissing Fools as well – so song, however, has a much more positive feeling – and comes with a cool bass groove. Nice stuff!

3. Chasing Aeroplanes

Typically, any kind of aviation reference leads to an increase of sympathy at me. Thus, Kerri Watt, might have an easier time in this review with Chasing Aeroplanes. The song is much more vocal-focused than the songs before – you also spot a short piano melody here and there. Good song!


4. Band of Gold

Summer feeling! Band of Gold is the first song on the album which is really having an undeniable and obvious Americana touch – and it is just spreading good vibes. Love it!

I’ll be earth, you be fire
We got love to take us higher
Water flows, thunder rolls
I’ll be your band of gold
I’ll be earth, you be fire
We got love to take us higher
Water flows, thunder rolls
I’ll be your band of gold

5. Neptune’s Daughter

With nice guitar and piano elements, the title track is not only very melodic, but also very catching. Kerri Watt did a great song-write here. Great song.

6. Waking up in California

Waking up in California comes with a stronger touch of rock again. I also like how Watt is altering her voice here in line with the atmosphere of the song in the verses compared to the chorus. Good one.

7. Cut Me Loose

Also due to the EP release, quite some songs have in fact been published before the album release of Neptune’s Daughter. Cut Me Loose has its very own character – a touch of dark again, but I especially like the guitars driving the song.

8. Hellfire

Intimate, a bit of sad, slow. Hellfire concentrates on a few key elements – in the verses, the vocals feel to be the only contributor to the song. I absolutely enjoy the way Watt and her team are creating a very special aura of this song.

9. Spoonful of Sugar

The Spoonful of Sugar is having a spoon of sugar and even a pinch of soul in it. I like the way different styles are mixed to interesting sounds in each song. Unfortunately, not all tracks finally are catching songs. This one is not too bad.

10. Jessie

Jessie by Joshua Kadison is one of my all time favorite tracks – the Kerri Watt song with the same title is very different. An uptempo, rhythmic song with a strong traditional country touch. One of the best songs of the album to me.

11. You Can’t Catch Me

Got no keys, I got no car
But I know for sure I’m faster than you are
I was born to chase a wandering star
You can’t catch me
Now I ain’t saying smash the machines
But I got one hand in the pocket of my jeans
And every day I’m learning what it means
You can’t catch me

The lyrics above are the first verse, not the chorus. Another uptempo song, which is having a great drive by its quick rhythm. One of these tracks with which Kerri Watt catches me from the very first second. Cool!

12. I Wanna Sing For You

I Wanna Sing For You closes the album (for the non-deluxe listeners) with a piano ballad, which I feel is a bit too thin. In other tracks, Watt’s vocal performance has simply been way better as well.


Kerri Watt – Neptune’s Daughter – Spotify

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Kerri Watt – Neptune’s Daughter – My View

When I recently listened to the Band of Gold EP, I felt that Neptune’s Daughter could become a really great record. Unfortunately, the album did not meet my high expectations. It is not bad at all and has some real highlights – but in average I feel that Watt has higher potential. Bad luck as I in some songs really loved how she is mixing different elements and genres. Roughly average in total.


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