Rachel Reinert – Into The Blue

Rachel Reinert - Into The Blue



4.1/5 Pros

  • Lovely country pop album
  • Amazing voice, great listen to
  • Quite nice range of songs Cons

  • No outstanding track

After her career with Gloriana, Rachel Reinert decided in 2017 to leave the successful project and go solo. On 13th March 2020, the Florida-born released her solo debut album Into The Blue just a couple of days after her 31st birthday.


Rachel Reinert – About The Artist

Rachel Reinert was born on 10th March 1989 in Florida. At the age of 16, she moved to Nashville. Her biggest impact to country music so far was being a member of the band Gloriana, which she was part of from its founding in 2008 until the split.The band produced two Top Ten albums, a 2009 self-titled one and the 2012 A Thousand Miles Left Behind. While their 2009 debut single Wild at Heart made it up to the 15th place in the US country charts, their biggest success was (Kissed You) Good Night, which reached platinum status and second place in the charts (2011).

After she announced the departure from Gloriana, she worked on her solo career. The first single Cool already received some good critics. Into The Blue is Reinert’s debut as a solo artist. In 2019, Reinert married her long-time boyfriend Caleb Crosby.


Rachel Reinert – Into The Blue – Track by Track

The album contains 11 tracks and lasts 41 minutes.

1. Cool

Cool, Reinert’s first solo single, leaves me with high expectations about the reimaining album. A really well produced country pop song, definitely a great choice as a comeback song.

2. Dark Star

Second track, another great one: Reinert’s voice and arrangements in Dark Star partially remind me of some Kacey Musgraves songs. Love that sound.

3. Secret

After the first two tracks on the album are very straight radio tracks, I like that Secret adds some new character (even though the song may be a great radio play as well).

4. Here

Here more or less just starts with Reinert’s vocals, the instruments are just in the very background. Even though there is a lot more atmosphere in the song later, the amazing voices stays the catching factor in this track.

5. Kiss On The Cheek

Kiss On The Cheek is not just a song title which makes me smile, it is also just a nice feel-good song. More rhythmic, but still that great voice.

6. Some Kind of Angel

Some Kind of Angel is having a very strong country music component. The heavenly arrangement of the song suits perfectly to the topic / title.

7. All We Have

The rather slow All We HaveI is one of the pre-released tracks. I personally do not see it has as one of my favorite songs on the album, but it is not a bad one.

8. King of Hearts

I can’t really tell you, why I especially like that country-pop song King of Hearts, but it just makes me smile, makes me feel good… Definitely matter of taste.

9. Who I am right now

The country ballad Who I am right now is definitely one of my favorites. A lot of country music, the great arrangement which you find all over Into the Blue and a great voice – nice!

10. Ocean

I like the way recording and arrangement creates beautiful landscapes, new worlds, imagination. Ocean is a perfect example. The  pop-alike arrangement makes you feel the waves of the ocean. Nice!

11. Light Years

Last, but not least, a soft and slow country ballad with a very melodic interlude. Nice finish of the album.



Rachel Reinert – Into The Blue – Spotify

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Rachel Reinert – Into The Blue – My View

Rachel Reinert produced a lovely county pop album. Very nice productions, a lovely voice – you will have a hard time not to fall in love to it. The album is to me rather on the pop than on the country music side of life, but definitely worth listening. Nice to have you back, Miss Reinert (or: Crosby). about Country Music

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