Ben Ransom – Brave New World

Ben Ransom - Brave New World



3.8/5 Pros

  • Country with a touch of some other genres made in Australia
  • Very unique, rocking touch
  • Good songs - also feels great for the stage

During the last months, I got more and more in Australian country music as well. When I scanned the new releases of 29th January 2021, I ran into the fourth album of a quite interesting artist from Down Under, Ben Ransom. Here are my thoughts about Brave New World.


Ben Ransom – About The Artist

Ben Ransom is an Australian country singer from Sydney. He started playing guitar and writing songs quite late, at the age of fifteen. He spent some time in Europe, having a permanent residency in London’s West End, in 1999. He is a finalist of the Toyota Star Maker competition, which for example made Keith Urban great as well. His debut album was The Long Way in 2010. He released two more studio albums, Slow Burn and 101 (2018). The latter also features his most successful song on Spotify, You’re The Reason Why.


Ben Ransom – Brave New World – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Raise Some Hell

Raising some hell seems to be closely linked with the good old 1969 classic  Nah Nah Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye. The tune is at least quoted in at the beginning of the song as well as in the chorus. I rather feel it is a bit of disturbing – but the song is likely a good one for the stage.

2. Mamma Said

Mamma Said would have the potential to a chart-topper… in the 1980’s. The song that much reminds me of that era, of song by Bryan Adams and other artist. At least, that turns the song to a very catchy member of the Brave New World community.

3. Night After Night

In the first three songs, Brave New World feels like a trial how to mix a teaspoon of country music to a cup of another genre to me. Night After Night comes with a lot of summer touch. A clear reference to Spanish music.

4. Brave New World

Brave New World, the title track, is a nice country rocker. It has a lot of party potential and thus feels like a B side of a Keith Urban single. The track is definitely a good sing-a-long for the stage, though – so it connects somehow to Raise Some Hell.

5. St Patrick’s Day

Sway to the left – and sway to the right – St Patrick’s Day feels like a recording right from a pub in Dublin Downtown. Raise your glass and have a Guiness togehter while listening to this one, folks.

6. Never Can Tell

Never Can Tell is the second really cool country rock track on the album. It, however, comes with more power than the title track and is thus one of my favorites of the album. Fun to listen to.

7. Coming Down In Spades

Okay, I want to see Coming Down In Spades live on stage. It might not be the deepest track of the album, but it has a lot of potential to cheer up the crowds in every song – on top of that it is very catchy. Cool chorus!

8. Rose Colored Glasses

To me, Rose Colored Glasses is one of the songs, which most closely feels like a Nashville major label production – one factor is unfortunately also that it is the shortest song of the album (and the only one shorter than three minutes).

9. I Won’t Be Here In The Morning

Very classic country vibes in this one as well. I Won’t Be Here In The Morning is a slow track with a nice, accentuated background guitar play. Nice one.

10. Come Back For More

Right before the album is taking the final straight, Ben Ransom brings the catchy and fun Come Back For More. Indeed, the song is a nice country melody with guitar power.

11. One Of A Kind

The beginning of One Of A Kind almost feels like a ZZ Top track, but finally the song is rather a track of the dance in the country music bar. Very nice groove.


Ben Ransom – Brave New World – Spotify

Here is Brave New World on Spotify:


Ben Ransom – Brave New World – My View

Well done – Ben Ransom. Towards the middle of the album, I initially felt that this set of eleven songs is not as good as I first thought – but overall, the country tunes at the end give a nice range of tracks. You will likely not love any of them – especially the fusion tracks Night After Night and St Patrick’s Day are special in any way. But you will be able to pick some good favorites.


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