Songs Of The Week (week of 24 February 2023)

I love gathering songs for Songs of the Week, as the result is so unpredictable, even for me, until short before I really compose the best and most remarkable songs I found so far. In this edition, I finally ended up with the situation that the vast majority of songs is in German language, featuring a bunch of pop songs. There is also some rock and international pop at the end – enjoy the comparably short selection as of 24th February 2023.


AnNa R. – Die Astronautin

AnNa R. is very well known as part of the former band Rosenstolz. The Berlin artist is now going solo – and as you see from songs like this one, she is doing great in it. Lovely, high class German pop based on lovely storytelling.


Alexa Feser – Checkbox

Alexa Feser’s new song Checkbox is a really intense listen. The 1979 born lady from Wiesbaden, Germany, has formerly also been on stage under the artist name Alexa Phazer. She also attended the German qualification for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. This song is dealing with depressions. Great write.


Anne Eck – Ohne Ass

Anne Eck is a German singer-songwriter, who is living in Vienna, Austria. The song is lovely listen with a touch of dream-pop. Definitely one of the nicest listens I had this week.


Iris Mareike Steen – Nichts mehr wert

This set of song is opened with a quartet of fascinating female artists singing in German. Iris Mareike Steen is the fourth one of it. She became especially popular in Germany as Lilly Seefeld in the Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten daily soap in German TV. After a promising debut single, Nichts mehr wert is another really lovely and intense single release.


Alexander Eder – Wenn morgen die Welt untergeht

Alexander Eder. Do I really need to say something more? Whenever the Austrian is releasing a new single, he is making it into my Songs of the Week. He is simply an amazing artist.


Finch x Matthias Reim – Pech & Schwefel

I will very likely be able to cover a Matthias Reim concert in late March 2023. This week, however, the German schlager-rock artist is gathering forces with rapper Finch from Frankfurt (Oder). A party-schlager-pop track, which would work out without the rap part as well.


Ansa Sauermann – Erfolglos

Ansa Sauermann is about to release his third album in June. Especially the 2020 release Trümmerlotte has been quite a success for the rock singer-songwriter from Dresden. His latest single release has the potential to be much better than Erfolglos (“Failed”).


Moonkid – Tear Me Apart

The title of this release feels like an English track, but in fact, the rock artist Moonkid is singing in German. A touch of melancholy and punk in this song.


Zartbitter – Narben

My Songs of the Week stuck with German lyrics, but the song move more and more into the rock music genre. Zartbitter are a band from Döbeln in Saxony. Nice rock/hard rock track.


The Boyscout – The Moment of Our Love

The Boyscout was born in Yugoslavia in 1972, but moved to Germany already the year thereafter. He is active since 2004. The Moment of our love praises the Finnish band negative, who are just celebrating their twentieth band anniversary. The artist is also working on a new album, Best Time of my Life.


Chvrches – Over

Chvrches are the only act this week, who are not from a German-speaking country. The band has been founded in Glasgow in 2011 and was especially successful with their electro-pop songs in the United Kingdom. Lauren Mayberry’s present voice turns Over into a beautiful catching track.


Michael Benjamin ft. Lisa Ritchie – Perfect Day

Michael Benjamin is a Swiss artist, who also released songs under the artist name Native. This song is a beautiful collaboration with Lisa Ritchie. He will support Karo Lynn on her German tour in March – bad luck I am not around when he is hitting Cologne.




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