Premier Inn London Paddington Basin

Premier Inn London Paddington Basin



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great restaurant
  • Nice staff
  • Close to Little Venice

In June 2022, I had a night at the Premier Inn London Paddington Basin. The booking was quite short-noticed after I had to alter my trip plans. I aimed to look for a spot which is good to explore the new Elizabeth Line rail connection from Heathrow Airport to London city center. Here is my review of the Premier Inn hotel.


Premier Inn London Paddington Basin – Location

The hotel is located at the North side of Paddington Basin, a canal-alike area close to Paddington Station. The area is beautiful and has some nice bars and restaurants, even though it in general has a rather commercial character. I especially liked the small, colorful bar ships in the basin. Thus, the hotel is just a couple of steps away from Little Venice.

Unfortunately, you either have to cross a bridge or take some detour from the Paddington Station to the hotel – the bridges have a few steps and are not barrier-free. The hotel has a good connection to the Bakerloo Line part of the Edgware Road underground station. There is also a bus connection close to the


Premier Inn London Paddington Basin – Room

The hotel is one of the Premier Inn places, which also has Plus Rooms with increased comfort. The are located in the upper floors of the building. Unfortunately, these rooms were no more available at my time of booking. I had a standard room in June 2022, Wednesday to Thursday, for 158 GBP. Breakfast and meals are not included, but I went for the Meal Deal (see below). The third floor room was nice and spacious and came with a large sofa next to the window. I especially liked the large work desk. There was also sufficient space to store my luggage.

No surprises in the bathroom as well. On the positive side, the hotel room came with a bathtub. It was sufficiently spacious, the combined shower gel / shampoo / soap is provided by dispensers, as this is Premier Inn standard. The room was absolutely clean when I checked in.


Premier Inn London Paddington Basin – Breakfast / Food

The basement of the hotel features a Bar+Blocks steakhouse, which is uned for lunch, dinner as well as for breakfast. The open kitchen scenery is really beautiful, I also loved the nice bar, which was also very popular among surrounding residents and businesses. The Premier Inn breakfast is quite standardized, there were minor extras. The service was really good and they refilled efficiently. I did not explore any missing items during my morning at the Premier Inn London Paddington Basin. A really good start of the day.

For 26.49 GBP, you could opt for the Meal Deal, which includes the breakfast buffet (including all drinks) as well as a two-course dinner with one drink. This is a really nice deal. I added 2 GBP, which also allowed me to have a taste of a third course. I had Korean BBQ wings, a sirloin steak with sweet potato fries and a blueberry cheesecake with berries. Apart from the third course supplement, I just had a very small one for the fries. The menu was an absolutely great value for money. The service was very friendly and very efficient. I even got a bottle of tap water and lovely flavored popcorn without asking. Entering the restaurant until settling the bill was less than an hour, so that the dinner performance was absolutely amazing in my point of view. If you go for breakfast only, this is 10.50 GBP.


Premier Inn London Paddington Basin – Service

The staff was really friendly and helpful. There is free WiFi, but finally I always opt for the Ultimate WiFi (5 GBP per day, but I could go for a weekly package this time), as it is too slow in order to maintain properly. The hotel does have the Premier Inn Check-In machines, but you could also do the check-in at the reception.


Premier Inn London Paddington Basin – My View

I wonder why the reviews of the hotel are rather average. In my point of view, I had one of the best Premier Inn stays I ever had at this place. The staff is nice, the restaurant is a gem. The location and connection to local transport does have some limitations, neither the Paddington Station nor the Edware Road connection is really ideal. Nonetheless, there was no doubt that this place is heading straight into the Top Pick! range.


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