The Struts – Strange Days

The Struts - Strange Days



4.5/5 Pros

  • Great musical travel from the 80's to modern rock
  • Some amazing collaborations
  • Wide range of sounds - just does not get boring!

Even despite their first two albums had rather average success, The Struts gained a lot of reputation in Great Britain over the last years. With Strange Days, they try to boost their musical success to higher levels. The album will be released on 16th October 2020.

The Struts – About The Artists

The roots of The Struts are in Derby, Derbyshire. Nowadays lead vocalist Luke Spiller and Adam Slack (guitar) already played in bands since 2009. At an original lineup with Jamie Binns and Rafe Thomas, they founded the band, but were very soon replaced by Jed Elliott (bass) and Gathin Davies (drum), which is the band’s formation until now. The band name is a reference to a chit-chat during rehearsal. Even though the band is British and was also quite popular on tour quite quickly, their first chart success was overseas: already their second single Could Have Been Me (2013) made it to the second place in the Canadian Rock charts and also placed fifith in the US Alternative. The second single of their debut album Everybody WantsKiss This, had similar success. The album itself just made it to average chart placements.

Their second album Young & Dangerous  did not boost their chart postions, but at least their song Body Talks, which they released in a solo version and alongside Kesha, again had quite good chart placements. The Struts also released three EPs. The second one, Have You Heard… was Top 10 in the US Heat Charts.


The Struts – Strange Days – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Strange Days (feat. Robbie Williams)

Robbie Williams? Robbie Williams! You just cannot say this album wouldn’t start big. The rock ballad Strange Days is just a lovely opener – even though I have to say that I like some of the more rocking tracks on this album even more. Still cool stuff!

2. All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

The beginning of All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go already catches me. That’s glam rock, that’s the 1980’s. The song is not just a travel back in time to me, but simply a great recording. Wow, it rocks!

3. Do You Love Me

In the third song, The Struts simply ask Do You Love Me. The style is the same. Guitars, rock, power… The song is comparably limited in its lyrics – but with the guys being live on stage (once it is allowed again), this track will be a blast.

4. I Hate How Much I Want You (feat. Phil Collen & Joe Elliott)

I watched the We Will Rock You musical thirteen times, I am in my 30’s regarding my favorite musical Rock of Ages – so if there is any track tailored for me on that album, it is I Hate How Much I Want You. Does not only sound like a 1980’s smash hit, it is even recorded with Phil Collen and Joe Elliott from Def Leppard. This song rocks so much! Loooove it!

5. Wild Child (feat. Tom Morello)

If you do not like Def Leppard, maybe you are rather in Rage Against The Machine? Here are The Strutts – with the RATM guitarist Tom Morello. Wild Child is harder, rougher, than the more melodic tracks before. If you cannot bang your head to this one, you must be really, really weird.

6. Cool

Time to Cool down from the celebrity line-up in the last two songs. The song is overall feeling more modern, more like a late 1990’s or early 2000’s rock song. It is definitely a lot of fun!

7. Burn It Down

The song title Burn It Down sounds like another headbanger, but in fact, the song is quite a gentle rock ballad. You even have quite a strong piano / keyboard sound in the song.

8. Another Hit Of Showmanship (feat. Albert Hammond Jr.)

Another collaboration – this time, the band is joined by Albert Hammond Jr. by The Strokes. The song is melodic, powerful, also has a lot of positive energy to me. Great sound and a nice addition to Strange Days

9. Can’t Sleep

Can’t Sleep // With someone else in this bed – the song is very groovy, has very strong bass elements.It also has a lot of rock’n’roll. Like almost all songs of this album, the song adds a new flavor, a new character to the ten song collection. Nice.

10. Am I Talking To The Champagne (Or Talking To You)

The final track is close to six minutes. Again, a very different sound, a like a long pop song, there are even strong brass elements. Maybe from it’s style, Am I Talking To The Champagne is the biggest surprise of all songs. Not at all a bad one.


The Struts – Strange Days – Spotify

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The Struts – Strange Days – My View

Wow, these are no Strange Days at all. The album has so many elements which make me happy – and it has really great quality. The collaborations with huge names in the music industry is additionally illustrating: this band is having way more potential than their chart placement shows. You should definitely dare a listen. Top Pick!


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