Validor – Full Triumphed

Validor - Full Triumphed



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very entertaining 38 minutes
  • Versatile, powerful metal

It’s quite a while ago since I presented some Greek metal to you. Time to change that with this posting. Full Trumphed is already the fifth studio album of the project Validor, which had some quite well reviewed albums in the past. Release date of this one is 2nd February 2022, i.e. on a (rather unusual) Wednesday.



Validor – About The Artists

From 2005 to 2008, the Athens-based band Validor acted as Epic Storm. They are doing folk / power metal, often dealing with fantasy topics and history like Greek-Roman warfare or barbarians. Nowadays, the band is rather a project as only Odi Thunderer is driving it. On Full Triumphed, he is doing vocals and guitar, while Greek metal legend Bob Katsionis is having the lead guitar, bass and keyboards. Apollo Giannoulis is the drummer and percussionist of the recordings.

Two former band members were Nick Fra (guitars) and Christos Bizoulas (bass). They left the band in 2011 – the same year, Giannoulis quit as a drummer as well. Thus, they were still part of the band’s debut In Blood in Battle. Especially the second album Dawn of the Avenger had some really good critics. The last release a 2020 bandcamp re-release, which however came with slightly altered songs. Before that, Thunderer’s last work was Hail To Fire in 2016.


Validor – Full Triumphed – About The Artists

The nine track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Dawn Of New Age

The Greek opens the album with a majestic, hymnic intro: 1:12 minute introduce you to Full Triumphed

2. Son Of Steel

Okay, that’s been the slow start – Son of Steel is a full speed power metal firework from the very first second of this 3:14 minute song. The album also teases that Giannoulis has quite a bunch of work to hammer all the right rhythms to the drums. Cool one.

3. Man Of Steel

In Man Of Steel, the guitars feel a bit more present. Odi is having his very characteristic way of doing the vocals – it sounds a bit lisping to me. Nice guitar melody line, good work on the microphone. A song which is made to give the metalhead in you a big smile. 

4. Strong Winds

The fourth track is another wise choice for fans of powerful guitar riffs. There background sounds add quite some power and atmosphere, I like the very present main theme of the song, which Validor nicely sets on top of the hammering drums. 

5. Blood Metal Legions

The Blood Metal Legions march in with a nice bass groove at the beginning of the song, before the other instruments and Odi Thunderer are joining. The song gets into your mind from the very beginning. Definitely a good listen with excellent instrumental work. 

6. Silverhawks

Silverhawks is another very energetic, powerful and fast metal march and thus reminds me a lot of the Son of Fire. Would be a great soundtrack for the same named TV cartoon series. Additionally, you just feel to shout Silverhawks with Odi during the chorus. One of the best ones of the album

7. Gladiator (Blood In The Arena)

This is my favorite of the album: the song feels like the heroes marching in, you tend to feel the blades of their swords hitting each other. The song works nicely with different moods and styles. Love it!

8. The Ten Thousand

This is simply my favorite section of the album: The Ten Thousand is another metal smasher – this one is also made to party, you feel to be part of the song from the very first moment. Three minutes of finest Greek music – at least if you give the guys down there some nicely rocking guitars!

9. Conquest Of Steel

Rocker love the epic ones – and thus, rock fans will love Conquest Of Steel. The final song of the album lasts almost nine minutes. Starting a bit like an medieval folk track, the song rather quickly turns into a nice folk-alike hard rocker with lyric and narrative elements. Entertaining one – and the best vocal performance of the album.


Validor – Full Triumphed – Streaming

As far as I understand the album is currently only available via bandcamp.


Validor – Full Triumphed – My View

Okay, let’s do it short: Odi Thunderer names this album Full Triumphed – and he absolutely triumphed in here. Great 38 minutes – after I loved Katsionis’ Amadeus Street Warrior, another (very different) album the Greek metal legend was part of. in Greece

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