Wade Bowen – Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth

Wade Bowen - Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very good songwriting Cons

  • A slight level of monotony

Wade Bowen becomes a rather frequently featured artist on After I was gifted to see his Cologne show in August 2019, I already had two reviews of music publications of him, the November 2021 EP Where Phones Don’t Work and Hold My Beer, Vol. 2, an album released in May 2020 together with Randy Rogers. On 12th August 2022, Bowen is releasing a new long-play, Somewhere Between The Secrets and The Truth. My review features my truthful opinion, of course.

Wade Bowen – About The Artist

Paul Wade Bowen is a 1977-born country and red dirt singer. He is releasing albums since 2002, with the most successful era in the early 2010’s. More bio information can be found in the postings listed in the introduction.


Wade Bowen – Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Everything Has Your Memory

The album opens with Everything Has Your Memory, which Wade Bowen fans already know as a single release. A nice mid-tempo track with beautiful lyrics – I feel comfy in the very first moments of this 2022 album.

2. Burnin’ Both Ends of the Bar

A beautiful and sad story told in the second song. Wade Bowen is sitting in the bar, watching his ex sitting on his usual spot. Beautiful, emotional recording. Lovely listen.

3. Honky Tonk Roll

After two rather mid-tempo, emotional tracks, Wade Bowen is rocking and taking us on the Honky Tonk Roll. Great, very energetic listen, which has a rather traditional arrangement, but just carries you off with his catching vibe.

4. The Secret To This Town

The hidden stories of a town are the topic of the next song. Again, I simply enjoy listening to Wade Bowen introducing me to all the people and all their secrets. The song focuses nicely on the lyrics, but is nonetheless energetic and rocking. Good one.

5. If You Don’t Miss Me

Even though the song is rather mid-tempo, If You Don’t Miss Me comes with a good groove and country music vibes. Very modern mainstream sound with a catching melody. Very nice one.

6. A Beautiful World (feat. Lori McKenna)

The sixth track is a lovely collaboration with Lori McKenna. The track is a gentle, ballad-alike duet with soft fiddle and piano backgrounds. Even the drums feel to play at their very softest level.

7. She’s Driving Me Crazy

The seventh song is more rock’n’roll than country. Cool one to have some fun with. Up-tempo, very rhythmic – Simply enjoy this one.

8. Knowing Me Like I Do

Unfortunate love is the key topic of the album. Here, Wade Bowen is stating in a break-up song  that nobody is knowing me like I do. The sound is a classic energetic one, like heard before on the album.

9. It’s Gonna Hurt

Back to the country ballads, back to break-up songs: the gentle tunes underline the metal pain described in It’s Gonna Hurt. Nice arrangement, even though there is a bit too much unhappy love in this album, maybe.

10. Say Goodbye

The tenth song of the chorus states Why does it take so long to say goodbye. Apart from the rather typical topic of this song on this album, the song has quite a nice groove and powerful rhythmic structures. Good one.

11. A Guitar, A Singer and A Song (feat. Vince Gill)

A Guitar, A Singer and A Song featuring Vince Gill has been one of the single releases of the album. The song is slow, feels very personal and comes with lovely country-alike arrangements. Nice work.

12. Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth

Ain’t there something missing? Yeah, the title track is still outstanding – and its got the honor to close the 2022 Wade Bowen long-play campaign. The song feels like a throwback to all the stories told. To me, it is one of the best recordings of the whole album. You should likely listen to the whole album first before getting into Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth, though.


Wade Bowen – Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth – Spotify

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Wade Bowen – Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth – My View

I really love listening to Wade Bowen’s 2022 album. However, the songs have a certain similarity in my point of view. Thus, Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth does not make it to my very top ratings, but is not that far away from them.


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