Adam Warner – Big Storm

Adam Warner - Big Storm



4.0/5 Pros

  • Powerful country rock with traditional sound elements
  • Fantastic and very present voice Cons

  • A bit of monotonous towards the end of the album
  • Not too many new songs

I really had loads of interesting new releases on and around 26th February 2021. While I had to skip a couple of them not to break my own and the blog’s capacity, I definitely had to share the album Big Storm by Adam Warner with you. Powerful modern country from a singer-songwriter from Southeast Illinois. Enjoy!


Adam Warner – About The Artist

Adam Warner is a singer-songwriter who is from Lawrenceville, IL, a small town Southwest of Indianapolis. During college, he decided to join the marines for four years, but kept on songwriting. Teh earliest songs you find on Spotify about him are dated as of 2016. After having had some decent volumes of streams in the past, his 2020 singles That’s How You Know You’re Living and especially 4 Square Miles significantly boosted the attention on Warner. The tracks are his most popular ones so far. Big Storm is his second album, after the 2018 The Songs That Made Me Adam Warner. The title track has already been released in 2019.


Adam Warner – Big Storm – Track by Track

The album includes 12 songs and lasts 41 minutes. The majority of the song has been part of other recordings already.

1. Big Storm

The album starts with it’s title track, which is a quite straight country rocker with powerful rhythmic elements. I feel the song is really catchy and a good starter – when I scanned the new releases, the Big Storm was already a very convincing factor to put this album on a high in my ranking.

2. That’s How You Know You’re Livin’

If you need a good track to make the people move at your next country music party, you might give this one a chance. That’s How You Know You’re Livin’ is a catching vibe – you just have to follow and move to this Adam Warner song.

3. Someone God Can Use

After the moody start of the album, Someone God Can Use is the first slower track on the album. This one is an ideal showcase for Warner’s voice. Impressive.

4. Semper Fi

For that cover song, Adam Warner is collaborating with Trace Adkins, the original artist of this song. In interviews, Warner has clearly stated the pride about this collaboration. A country classic in a new recording.

5. Nicotine

After all the whiskey and beer songs in the world of country music stereotypes, finally some other drugs. The song comes with a very dark atmosphere. The low note parts feel to touch the limits of Warner’s vocal range – but that suits very well to the these parts. The chorus, however, is very powerful.

6. I Love Her, She Hates Me, I Drink

The title of the sixth track of the album is already telling a full sad love story by itself – so how will the song be like? It is a rather traditional sound, so if you feel that country music nowadays is too pop-ish and rocking, maybe this song with fiddle and steel guitar sounds is just what you like.

7. Beer Makes You Lean

The second song with alcoholic references is also rather traditional in sound. It is a great listen, for sure, and also a good one for a country dance. Cool.

8. Can’t Get Enough

Can’t Get Enough has been the title track of the Warner’s debut EP in 2016. I feel these kinds of songs are the best ones on Big Storm: some traditional sound with a lot of modern and rock music elements and tracks driven by the energetic and catching voice of the artist. Cool.

9. Devil in the Mirror

I can see him in the mirror
And he look a lot like me
I could hear him whisper
“Son, I got just what you need”

Nice song with a dark touch. Melodically, definitely one of the best tracks of the album to me.

10. Four Square Miles

And here is his biggest song so far. Very funny that it is sometimes written as Four Square Miles and sometimes 4 Square Miles. Indeed, the song, which is about the home farm of his family. I sometimes don’t like these country life praising titles – but this one is definitely a nice one.

11. Between Whiskey and Gin

With Between Whiskey and Gin, the second-last song on the album is a very intimate-feeling mid-tempo song. Another track in which the presence of Warner’s voice is catching me. Wow.

12. Rowdy as Randall

Rowdy as Randall feels like a typical song on this album. Very powerful track to close the set of songs. Nice one.


Adam Warner – Big Storm – Spotify

Here is Big Storm on Spotify:


Adam Warner – Big Storm – My View

Big Storm is definitely a great choice for listeners, who like country rock, but also fancy rather traditional country elements. Adam Warner shows a nice range of songs – but I have to admit that I felt that the second half of the album offers less variety then the first few songs suggest. Bad luck, the power songs, the honky-tonk anthems as well as the ballads on this good album underline the high talent of this singer-songwriter.


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