The Washboard Union – Everbound

The Washboard Union - Everbound



4.6/5 Pros

  • Powerful modern country songs with very classic tunes
  • Nice variety in the songs, very catching
  • Finally, there is even a nice ballad
  • Country Thunder!!! Cons

  • Just nine songs and an acoustic bonus version

The Canadian West Coast trio The Washboard Union is quite established in the country music scene of their home country. Though the band is so far lacking chart placements in other markets like the US, they regularly made it in the Maple Leaf state. With Everbound, the band released their third album on 24th April 2020.

The Washboard Union – About The Artists

The Washboard Union are a country music trio from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Two band members, Aaron Grain and Chris Duncombe, have their roots in Kelowna, BC. Both moved to the West Coast and met David Roberts. Their original band name was Run GMC, but the name of their debut album, The Washboard Union, changed the band name (June 2012). The second major release was the 2015 EP In My Bones, which the band recorded in RCA Studio A in Nashville. The EP featured four singles, four of them made it to the Top 20 if the Canadian country charts. Shot of Glory even placed fifth. In 2018, The Washboard Union released their second album What We’re Made Of, which had two more singles, Shine and Feel Like That, which climbed up to the ninth and eleventh spot. Everbound is the band’s third album. The first single release, Country Thunder shot up to the second spot in the Canadian Country Charts.


The Washboard Union – Everbound – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 31 minutes

1. Country Thunder

Here we go – the album starts with the jewel single. Great, catching song. Powerful, party potential. Hard to feel bad words about it (there may have been more complex plots in the history of country music – but that’s not what this song is made for). Loooooove it!

2. Dock Rock

Dock Rock comes with a very classic country groove, but still does not feel to be outdated. I have a tough time to write this review – just because I much more feel like moving than hacking my fingers in the keyboard. The two bearded ones and this third guy, which does not feel to really fit in that combo, do a really good job with the second track as well.

3. If She Only Knew

If She Only Knew uses the same ingredients to a the Washboard Union sound machine, but this tracks feels to a bit more rocking. Another really good listen to.

4. Never Run Outta Road

Never Run Outta Road is a bit more easy, quicker, the steel guitar is also stronger than in the songs before. The clapping-alike rhythm still gives a great party vibe. Everbound stays a really good album after four songs.

5. My Weekend Amen

Great vocals, great chorus! That’s the right soundtrack to start into the good times at Friday evening – My Weekend Amen is just another blast on this album. Wow.

6. Home Sweet Her

Somehow, the elements used in the Everbound album feel so similar, but the album just does not get boring to me. While the slow start of Home Sweet Her felt it to be a ballad maybe, it is just a quite slow – but really powerful country track. I just feel to repeat that “so classic, but modern” thing – The Washboard Union hit a tune, which I absolutely enjoy and love to listen to almost every second of the album so far.

7. One More One More

I can just repeat: that is country power, great music. Hard to believe that these guys did not leave a bigger impact in the US as well. One More straight and well-produced country music song. The longer I listened to it, the more I have to say: this is – apart from the blasting Country Thunder – by favorite track of the album.

8. Shut Er Down

The guys can do it very modern as well – though I feel to hear a strong fiddle sound in this track, it feels so up-to-date and well produced.

9. More Memories Than Wishes

A ballad! A ballad! The last (really new) song of the album is finally a tune for a slow music lovers – and the Canadians are not just able to power, they also do well in this field of country music. Nice combination of voices partially.

10. Country Thunder (Acoustic)

The album finishes with the same track as it started – but this time is the the acoustic recording. The song still stays a good one in this recording, which gives some nice additional flavor to the album, but overall the original is living from its power, which you just can better produce in a plugged environment.


The Washboard Union – Everbound – Spotify

Here is the album preview on Spotify:


The Washboard Union – Everbound – My View

Wow, these guys are a real treat to me. Straight modern country with classic elements. Great songs for the weekend country party – even if you are in Europe and cannot do tailgating. This is country music on a very high quality. There is no doubt: this review had to have the Top Pick! banner on top!


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