David Gramberg – Where Have You Gone EP

David Gramberg - Where Have You Gone



4.1/5 Pros

  • Five very versatile tracks
  • Good musical quality

After quite a while as a band member, German David Gramberg decided to turn solo. On 25th November 2022, you are able to listen to the five track EP Where Have You Gone. I had a listen and share my thoughts with you.


David Gramberg – About The Artist

David Gramberg is a German musician. He became well-known as lead of the band Mary Lou, which is located at the Ammersee Southwest of Munich. The band was especially successful in the mid-2010’s. This EP is the first major solo release of the artist.


David Gramberg – Where Have You Gone – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Where Have You Gone

Unfortunately, the 2:49 minutes of the title track are the only tunes which David Gramberg has not released yet. Nonetheless, I guess that many of you haven’t been in touch with his music yet, so that it is a somehow new experience to you. The song has a nice 1980’s-1990’s vibe to me, but is overall feeling very modern and melodic. Definitely enjoying that experience.

2. Raise My Bet

Raise My Bet is an amazingly a catching listen. On the one hand, the verses have a touch of soul and gospel, the chorus is a great song to sing-a-long and to simple smile while listening. Great song.

3. What Do I Know

The song starts slow and also with a bit of a dark touch. However, the chorus again turns into a very energetic, mobilizing listen. Another time thumbs up from my side.

4. Somewhere In Between

The fourth song introduces a very different sound to the album. Again, the song has soul-ish sounds, which feel a bit of gospel-alike. Some sections also have a touch of alternative folk music.

5. I’ll Be There

Again, David Gramberg is developing a song out of a mousy piano melody. The closing song has a strong groove. Hard to describe blend of sounds, which finally does not feel confusing, but leads to a very nice listen.


David Gramberg – Where Have You Gone – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


David Gramberg – Where Have You Gone – My View

Where Have You Gone is an interesting potpourri of songs. You definitely cannot say that one of the five tracks is (too) close to another one. There is no clear direction, in which David Gramberg is heading to, yet. I would see this EP rather as a statement of musical talent and quality. The next steps could be very interesting.


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