Echo Bloom – Wake

Echo Bloom - Wake



4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice variety of songs
  • Good stories
  • Catching voice Cons

  • Ballads are a bit of similar

Echo Bloom is a very interesting band project. They released three albums so far, each dedicated to an individual genre. On 3rd September 2021, they will release a new record, Wake. Here is my review.

Echo Bloom – About The Artist

Echo Bloom are a four member project, lead by singer and guitarist Kyle Evans. Evans is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Especially on stage, he is joined by Aviva Jaye (alto vocals, piano), Alex Minier (bass) and Cody Rahn (percussion). The band released three albums so far, each dedicated to a different genre. In 2015, they presented Blue, a folk album. One year later, Red lead them to country rock, while the 2017 Green has been a pop album. Evans traveled a lot, lived in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and also in Berlin.


Echo Bloom – Wake – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. 3 Little Birds

With 3 Little Bird, the album Wake starts very quiet, a bit of monotonous – at least, at least until the electric guitar joins here and there in the background, followed by other instruments. Kyle Evans could easily work as a backup singer at the Bee Gees, I feel. The song has a touch of blues and folk music.

2. Fools Gold

It’s very hard to put Echo Bloom’s music into words, into a genre. Fools Gold is a soft rock track, touches country and folk elements. The vocals just let me think of one of my favorite artist of all times, Robin Gibb. Nice guitar play in this song – the angelic-alike choir in the background is maybe a bit too much from my point of view.

3. Corsica

This trip to the French island in the Mediterranean comes with a very special atmosphere. Evans is almost whispering into the microphone. This leads to a very intimate, fragile touch. Still, the song has a very fine melody, accompanied by the acoustic guitar.

4. Beautiful Day

Echo Bloom like to do music the epic way. Only one track on the album does not make it to the four minute mark – and this one is close to seven minutes. The song starts as a very melodic song and adds more and more voice and instrumental elements. You even have background strings at the end of song. The Beautiful Day ends up in a distortion of sounds. Music is arts.

5. Don’t You Wanna Be Loved

While the first albums of this project were bound to a genre, this one touches many genres. Don’t You Wanna Be Loved has already been released in April 2021 – I unfortunately could not find a corresponding video at the time of writing. A cool rock track with some electonic / synth effects.

6. John the Revelator

John the Revelator is not only a rather dark topic, it is also a rather dark song with marching bass sounds and almost threatening guitar riffs. The album almost has a touch of grunge in here. Very atmospheric – and thus a great listen. I also love the duet between Evans as the leading voice and the dark responses by Aviva Jaye.

7. Anaphora

Having the strong guitars in the song before is a massive contrast to Anaphora. The acoustic guitar in this track almost has a touch of a harp and the song is again very dreamy. To me, Anaphora has the most beautiful melody of all songs of this album, I also like the collaboration of the two singers. Great one.

8. I Met God

What kind of music would you expect after lstening to seven Echo Bloom tracks and the eighth one is called I Met God? If your reply is something like distorted guitar sounds, some touch of 1970’s rock style with a monotonous drum in the background, I am sure you are a band member – or a close friend. This album is full of surprises, but they make you smile. Another really great listen.

9. Maybe We’ll Fly

Maybe We’ll Fly is another gentle duet, in which Evans and Jaye do a lovely harmonic job. The song is a bit too similar to other tracks on the album – but it is indeed a nice listen.

10. Short Wave

The Short Wave comes with the groove of a surf rock. With Evans’ voice, it somehow feels the Bee Gees would cover Beach Boys songs in an early 1980’s club. A song which stays in your mind – and thus a perfect finisher.


Echo Bloom – Wake – Spotify

Here is Wake on Spotify:


Echo Bloom – Wake – My View

Well done, Echo Bloom – Wake is indeed full of surprises. An album with a lot of variety – unfortunately, the gentle ballads are a bit too close to each other. Still, I loved to listen to these honest and straight compositions. I would definitely recommend to dare a listen.


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