Ron Spielman – Lifeboat

Ron Spielman - Lifeboat



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very nice and versatile rock album
  • Nice influence of different kinds of genres and styles Cons

  • Good songs, but no outstanding ones

When scanning new releases as of 24th May 2024, I was running into a very interesting release by a German artist. Ron Spielman is sharing his new album LIfeboat on that day. Let’s have a listen to this rock music release.


Ron Spielman – About The Artist

Ron Spielman was born in Schweinfurt on 17th March 1964. He is working as a singer, composer and also as a guitarist. He partially lived in New York City and Boston, which lead to stage appearances with major acts like Dave Stewart or Bob Geldof. Apart from own band projects, Spielman started to release solo albums in 1991 (Skin & Wine(. His style is mixing several genres like folk, pop, blues, rock and even jazz. Since then, he is regularly releasing albums. Lifeboat is already his sixteenth one.


Ron Spielman – Lifeboat – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 36 minutes

1. Beyond A Doubt

The first (almost) three minutes of the album are taken by the single release Beyond A Doubt. The song is a rock song, which also presents the groove of a blues song. The virtuous bass play even spreads a little bit of funk. However, the chorus is very melodic and catching as well. Nice opener.

2. Lifeboat

The title track of the album feels harder, darker, and by that also less frisky than the opening song. Again, there is a nice focus on the chorus, which is staying in your mind. The bridge is slowing down the song slightly and spreads some touch of harmony.

3. Will I Ever Know Why

After a rather slow start, the third song Will I Ever Know Why reminds me of early 1980’s progressive rock songs. Overall, the song is defined by a change between rather rocking elements and fine melodies, which especially pop up in the verses.

4. Fire!

Fire! is a blues rock track with with a stronger rock attitude. The guitars are driving the song. Again, Spielman leans towards a more catching and melodic part in the pre-chorus. With higher volume, the chorus could even be a treat for hard rock fans.

5. Angel In The Storm

The guitars are strumming from the very beginning of Angel In The Storm and give a nice Americana rock feeling. However, the song is also driven by present and stomping drums and other elements like keyboard / synth melodies. One of the rather dark tracks of the album – I really like this one due to its nice presence.

6. On My Rooftop

Even though I like the chorus of this one, I feel that On My Rooftop is a bit of a hidden gem in the context of Lifeboat. The song is a nice melodic rock song, but other songs leave a stronger mark, a clearer character. Nonetheless, the song is really nice listen.

7. How High Can We Take It

An rock album needs an epic song. On Lifeboat, the seventh track How High Can We Take It takes this role. The almost six minute listen feels very thoughtful and dreamy, the lyrics are full of reflections. The focus is clearly on the story and the lyrics in here, even though the song comes with a nice dramatic plot.

8. Get Up, Stand Out

Get Up, Stand Out has some progressive rock elements again. The guitars sound a bit of grubby here and there. I especially like the song due to its lovely plot and the strong atmosphere it is spreading. And for its touch of nostalgia.

9. You’re A Special One

Haven’t we forgotten something? Yeah, there has still been no ballad on LifeboatYou’re A Special One is closing the album with that emotional and romantic element. Do I need to say more than that? The title already tells what this one is about.


Ron Spielman – Lifeboat – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Ron Spielman – Lifeboat – My View

I really like Lifeboat. The album is very versatile and comes with a nice range of songs. Despite the diverse range of sounds presented, there is a link between the songs. One or two more outstanding tracks could however boost this release to an even higher rating.

Favorite Song: Angel In The Storm


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