Celeste Kellogg – Keep It On Repeat EP

Celeste Kellogg - Keep It On Repeat



4.5/5 Pros

  • Five great songs
  • Fun to listen, just want to keep them on repeat
  • Very different sounds and songwriting

Being part of a Radio Disney band at the age of 12 already – Celeste Kellogg definitely had early footsteps in the music business. Now, at the age of 26, she is releasing another EPKeep It On Repeat. Especially in the age of streaming and pay by play not a bad idea – if the songs are good. Here is my view if you should put Celeste on repeat – or on fast-forward.

Celeste Kellogg – About The Artist

Celeste Kelogg was borh on 30th November 1993 in Virginia. In 2005, at the age of 12, she made her first big stage appearances, when Radio Disney casted a pop group, RD7, which opened for acts like the Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson or Miley Cyrus. Her debut single was a Christmas song in 2008, while 2009 had her first song with a music video, My Jeans. Her debut CD is called This Is Where I Wanna Be and was released in 2012. Though the single The Look had already been released in 2010, it became popular in 2012. Another important release for Kellogg was Country Swagger in 2016.


C. Kellogg – Keep It On Repeat – Track By Track

The five songs on Keep It On Repeat repeat every 16 minutes, if you put them on loop.

1. Keep It On Repeat

The EP starts with the title track – and that is definitely a promising power track, which still has some classic country music elements. Unfortunately, I could not find a video at the time of review – nice track.

2. There’s A Beach Somewhere

This song has already been released in June 2019. I love that song. It sounds quite classic, but is still modern – a great listen to and a very catchy song.

3. Carolina

Carolina is a slow song, which is very thoughtful and intense to me. I just love listening to Kellogg on this EP – at least in the first three songs.

4. Last Chances

Last Chances is just another song, which illustrates the talent of Kelogg. Very good to listen and characteristic music.

5. LaDiDaDa

LaDiDaDa? Sounds like party music – and is a very powerful track, especially in the chorus, even though there quite some classic sounds like the fiddle in there. Superb finish!


Celeste Kellogg – Keep It On Repeat – Spotify

Here is the 2020 EP by Celeste Kellogg on Spotify:

Celeste Kellogg – Keep It On Repeat – My View

When I reviewed the EP Superhero by the Dutch Artist Sylvia Aimee last year, I felt that this is how an EP should be: a showcase of different songs, which finally should make you become attracted by the artists and long for more music. I could write exactly the same bottom line for Keep It On Repeat. You definitely can put Celeste on repeat and will have a good time. Five songs, very different character, but all very good and well produced. Top Pick!

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