Tino Z – Bluesman

Tino Z - Bluesman



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice range of classic tracks
  • A couple of really nice cover versions Cons

  • Good, but no great listen

From the Highwayman to the Bluesman: about a year ago, I reviewed the album Highwayman by Tino Z.On 5th May 2023, the German is back with his album Bluesman – and you can already easily guess the genre. Tino Z is also using a couple of well-known tracks for his release, like he is doing in all four albums of his series. This is the third release of this tetralogy  I was looking forward to have another listen to the music of this artist.


Tino Z – About The Artist

Tino Z is a German artist from Kreischa in Saxony. I gave you a little more information in the Highwayman review.


Tino Z – Bluesman – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Bluesman

Title track, opening song, only release of the album so far: Bluesman is all in one for this 2023 Tino Z. release. Quite a burden – but I feel it works out. The song is a mid-tempo blues rocker with a touch of darkness. I enjoy the listen.

2. The one i love

Having the same title as the R.E.M. classic is no coincidence in here. The second track is indeed a cover of the 1987 original. There is not a too strong blues touch in here, but Tino Z is leaving his signature on this recording. And his voice is leading to a special touch. Not bad at all.

3. Comes a time

With Comes a time, the album is even going more back in music history. Neil Young released this song, which was also the title track of his 1978 album. Tino Z’s version sounds like a nice Americana strummer.

4. I hear you knocking

The roots of this song already date back to 1955. The original was an R&B recoding, the 2023 is nicely emphasizing a bluesy groove. The slightly raspy voice of Tino Z. additionally leads to a nice touch.

5. I hear you knockin’

Copy and paste? No, indeed, the song I hear you knockin’ follows on I hear you knocking. This original of this song is slightly younger then the original of the predecessor and dates back to the very late 1950’s, recorded by J.D. Miller. Interesingly, one artist, Dave Bartholomew, was related to both songs. Tino Z. again focuses on blues vibes. Elements like the harmonica lead to a good finish.

6. I just don’t know what to do with myself

Dusty Springfield has been the first artist to record this track, back in 1964. I struggle with this cover version a bit. It could be darker in the dark parts and more melodic in the melodic parts to me. Other recodings on Bluesman have a stronger profile.

7. In the year 2525

There is a wide range of covers of this song, which has originally been published by Zager & Evans in 1968. Similarly, I would have experted a stronger profile of the song. However, the country-alike style with harmonica sounds definitely is a nice listen.

8. Take it easy

The Eagles turned this one to a global hit. The more I feel it is a good decision by Tino Z. to also put in a lot of his very own style to this song. This may feel confusing at first sight, but the more I listen to this song, the more I like it.

9. Lay lady lay

The ninth song features a Bob Dylan release. I would not really state I am a big fan of the original – the more I am surprised that I developed some sympathy for this modern recording. That means that the Saxony artist got his job done in regards of these 4:17 minutes.

10. Like a hurricane

With six minutes Like a hurricane is the most epic song of the album. Overall, I feel that the cover is nicely done – some more emancipation from the Neil Young original here and there and I would smile even brighter while listening to it.

11. The weeping song

The weeping song has been initially recorded by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in 1990. I rather virtuous original. Tino Z is a bit of too brave to me in here.

12. Get back

There are so many classics on this album, how could Bluesman exclude The Beatles? Tino Z. simply does it and slows down the rocker with his typical strumming guitar sound (even though there are some harder electric guitar tunes as well). No bad at all.

13. My blues is like a train

The album is opening with an original – and it is closing with one. Like with the title track, I feel that this song does have a good touch. It is definitely not worse than a couple of the cover versions.


Tino Z – Bluesman – Streaming

Bluesman is not available by stream. You can acquire it on the artist website.



Tino Z – Bluesman – My View

I definitely prefer the Bluesman over the Highwayman. In average, the songs come with a stronger character and signature. I wouldn’t say that this album is a must-listen, but it is like a good, reliable friend you can undoubtedly spend a nice evening of music with.



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