Paerish – You’re In Both Dreams (And You’re Scared)

Paerish - You're In Both Dreams (And You're Scared)



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice instrumental work
  • Very atmospheric songs
  • Some really nice balanced tracks Cons

  • Some tracks are too monotonous
  • No big song on the album

I don’t feature French music too often. The more, I am happy to have a look into the music of a French alternative rock band with you. You’re In Both Dreams (And You’re Scared) is the third studio album by the Paris-origin band Parish. The long play has been released on 18th August 2023.


Paerish – About The Artists

Paerish is active since 2010. The band members met at school. Namely, they are Mathias Court (guitar, vocals), Frederic Wah (guitar), Martin Dupraz (bass) and Julien Louvion (drums). Their debut album was the 2016 Semi Finalists. Interestingly, when the band released the sophomore one, Fixed It All in 2021, there were quite a lot of discussions about “creating Anglo music as a French band”, as Wikipedia is quoting in. The background is that their music is more popular in the United States and the United Kingdom than in their home country.


Paerish – You’re In Both Dreams – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Sequoia

Before the album presents a block of three songs, which have already been published as singles, You’re In Both Dreams (And You’re Scared) presents a new song. The first part of Sequoia, which is very slow and rather quiet, feels like an intro to the album. After more than two minutes, the guitars lead a more rocking part. Nonetheless, the song keeps its rather dream-ish style

2. Daydreaming

Daydreaming definitely feels to be better in line with the overall sound of the album. There is also more presence for bassist Martin Dupraz to show his skills, compared to the first song. The song is a lovely alternative rocker, which especially works well in the chorus.

3. Houses of American Style

The sound of Paerish is energetic, stunning, but also has its fine parts. You would rather feel that these guys are British or US-American if you didn’t have the band bio. Songs like Houses of American Style score on the instrumental and atmospheric side. Matthias Court adds the right sound on the vocal part to even intensify the listening experience.

4. Still There

In this block of three single releases, Still There is my favorite. It feels even more present and is also compact in a nice way. The French alternative rock cuisine found the right spices for this musical snack. Nice, work between the guitars and the singer as well.

5. Amanita

The fifth track is a new listen. The intro part gives some show time for the bassist again. In general, the instruments drive this song, without a doubt. Even though the three minute Amanita is one of the shortest tracks of the album, it feels lengthy towards the end. .

6. The Luck You Had

The last song of the album, which has already been shared with Paerish’s fans is The Luck You Had. A lot of echo lead to an intense atmosphere. However, the song again feels lengthy. I would love something to happen in here more frequently, regardless whether it is on the instrumental side or in the lyrics. Unfortunately, the mixing puts the story of the song too much into the background.

7. It Only Bothers You

The seventh track is not significantly faster than its predecessor, but the present guitar elements lead to a much better listen. Another really nice catch of the song is the hymnic chorus. In that section, the song spreads some spirit of classic rock, even though there is a lot of reverb in the general mixing, which distracts from the melody.

8. Brian Wilfuzz

The happy and easy melody opening Brian Wilfuzz might even make you think that this one is rather a pop-rock track. However, the song gets back to the Paerish style. I like the balance between vocals and the rocking guitars.

9. Worry

In Worry, it is time to drummer Julien Louvion to drive the song. Many of the very atmospheric songs rather push the presence of the drums to the background. The ninth song is closer to a classic rock song, good listen.

10. My Every Step

The closing track just lasts 2:16 minutes and is thus the shortest one of the album. Even though My Every Step does come with an own theme and lyrics, the rather monotonous sound of the song makes it rather feel like an outro than like a full song.


Paerish – You’re In Both Dreams – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify


Paerish – You’re In Both Dreams – My View

I like the sound the French band is producing, but finally I struggle with too many parts of You’re In Both Dreams (And You’re Scared). The band does have potential, but some sections just feel too self-regarding and finally refuse to add some new ideas and thoughts to an individual song or the whole album. This finally prevents to assign a better rating

Favorite Song: Still There



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