Tiffany Woys – All About Love EP

Tiffany Woys - All About Love



4.4/5 Pros

  • Beautiful set of love-related songs
  • Very nice listen Cons

  • A limited range of sounds

All About Love is the second EP by Californian female country artist Tiffany Woys. After a quite good start into her publishing career, the next steps came rather slowly. Maybe her 18th March 2022 release will change that. Here is my review.


Tiffany Woys – About The Artist

Tiffany Woys is a country music artist from Sacramento. She started releasing music in 2018. In 2019, her self-titled debut EP  featured the song Love Has No Heart, followed by the single release Hostage. Both songs had quite some success. However, the following songs could not connect to that until Woys released a duet with Jordan Fletcher in 2021. I Don’t made her come back to higher presence.


Tiffany Woys – All About Love – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. About Love

The EP is All About Love – and that’s also in line with the title track (this one), the opener (this one) and the only single original release so far (you guess it…). The song is a nice uptempo, rhythmic country-popper, which is really a good and catching listen. I love TIffany Woys’ vocal strength in here. Really great start into these six songs.

2. Own This Town

The second song is slower, having less rhythmic presence. Therefor, rather classic country music lovers might fall in love with the beautiful steel guitar melody line in the background. I fall in love with the vocals, I just like the warmth  in this Tiffany Woys presentation.

3. Wear It Out

About Love was rhythmic, energizing, Own This Town rather on the intense, emotional side. Wear It Out is somewhere in the middle between these worlds. On the melodic side, there is a stronger electronic guitar presence, especially in the chorus.

4. I Don’t Want You Back

Regarding the title, the song feels not as angry as you would imagine. The chorus has a lot of energy. Unfortunately (like in other tracks of the album as well), it is a bit of repetitive. Nonetheless, nice storytelling.

5. I’ll Meet You There

After four tracks, I’ll Meet You There is right in my Tiffany Woys Comfort Zone. The EP does not come with surprising tracks, but simply delivers well. If you liked the songs before, you will not change your mind during these musical moments.

6. Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way

The closing track of All About Love is a LeeAnn Rimes cover. Very gentle and soft interpretation, but definitely a nice listen.


Tiffany Woys – All About Love – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Tiffany Woys – All About Love – My View

I ran into All About Love while scanning for new releases and I had some really good feeling about this EP. Now, having had a deeper listen, the feeling is even more positive. There could be a bit more faith for a very rocking song or some special track in any other way. But apart from that, these are six beautiful listens. All About Love gives me a bright smile while listening, aka Top Pick!. Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2022

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