Jolina Carl – Mexican Overdrive

Jolina Carl - Mexican Overdrive




Some country from Germany: just in the week I did the second edition of my German Songs Country Music Picks, Jolina Carl releases her fifth album so far, Mexican Overdrive. Of course, I have been curious and had a listen. Release date is 23rd July 2021.


Jolina Carl – About The Artist

Jolina Carl, whose civil name is Marion Huppert, was born on 8th July 1970 in Neuss, West of Dusseldorf, in Germany. She has released songs in German as well as in English so far. In 2009, Lieber jetzt als irgendwann (“Better now than anytime”) was her debut single as well as the title track of her debut album. She released three more albums so far, the latest being the 2018 Forward Back Home.


Jolina Carl – Mexican Overdrive – Track by Track

The fourteen track album lasts 56 minutes.

1. Higher

Higher is a hot start, so that there is no chance to slowly get into Mexican Overdrive. The intro of the song is maybe more promising than the song itself – but the opening song without a doubt is a very nice country song with with a catchy chorus. One of the best songs of the album to me.

2. She’s Got You

She’s Got You is a rather slow song with a traditional sound. I would rather see it as a fusion of traditional country and blues than a ballad – the song just comes with a too nice groove. Some parts even remind a bit of Christmas songs to me.

3. Mexican Overdrive

No, this song does not make me thinking about trading my hat into a Mexican sombrero. The song comes with a quick rhythm and does not remind me too much of the Southern neighbor of the USA. Mexican Overdrive is rather a quick and easy soundtrack for a speedy and happy dance in a traditional country music club.

4. Don’t Give Up The Ghost

Lauren Jenkins required me to Give Up The Ghost – Jolina Carl comes with the adverse attitute in this fourth track of her 2021 album. A nice slow song, which is lasting more than five minutes.

5. Wiseman

Wiseman is one of my favorite tracks of the album. I just feel that Jolina’s voice is best fitting to rather rocking tracks – and Wiseman is one of those. Apart from that, the arrangement leads to a significantly more modern touch – which is in my point of view also a nice match to the artist.

6. Since I Met Friends

From very modern tunes to traditional tunes: Since I Met Friends is a track which will likely be most popular among bluegrass listeners. Lovely rhythmic background and a good vocie. I just said that I love Carl rather in a modern environment – but I just have to admit that the sixth track is definitely the opposite of it. And it is a good one.

7. Everything’s Well

The seventh track is a bit of dark and is full of soul and rock. There is hardly any country reference in this song. But there is so much power and energy in Everything’s Well – and, I don’t want to call it a sample or a cover, but one key part of the chorus is extremely close to Nonstop Nite by Lordi! So I just have to feel happy with that track.

8. Don’t Go For Cheap

This part of the album is full of contrasts and surprises (what I typically highly appreciate). Jolina Carl is back in very traditional country sounds with Don’t Go For Cheap. The song comes with a beautiful vibe and is definitely a musical highlight of the album for lovers of this kind of sound. Very professionally and straightly produced 4:06 minutes.

9. Black Eyes And Blue Hearts

Black Eyes And Blue Hearts is a nice slower song with a nice vibe and strong steel guitar elements. A really nice listen.

10. Gunning For Glory

Five songs to go – the first one of this final set of songs is Gunning For Glory. The song rather comes with a touch of a folk pop track than country to me. Very entertaining and energetic work, also with nicely added instrumental and backing vocal elements.

11. Calm That Beating Heart

Nice presence by the fiddle on this eleventh track. The song has a very modern sound and majorly concentrates on the violin, the piano and Jolina’s voice. Really nice arrangement.

12. Jessie

Jessie is a pop/rock track – one of the most catching choruses of the album to me. The spirit of Rock’n’Roll is in this song – and I definitely enjoy that listen.

13. Shut Your Mouth

The message of the song is straight, short and clear: Shut Your Mouth – or short: Shut Up. I initially struggled with this country rock song, but the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed the entertaining vibe of the track. Sometimes, the best messages are the simple ones, aren’t they?

14. I Wanna Go

A song about wanderlust. I just wanna go – Jolina Carl names so many things and places she wants to explore in this closing song of the album. It’s just her, her guitar and her thoughts. A lovely finale of these fourteen songs.


Jolina Carl – Mexican Overdrive – Spotify

Here is Mexican Overdrive on Spotify:


Jolina Carl – Mexican Overdrive – My View

Honestly, it took me a while to really appreciate Mexican Overdrive. The more I listened to the songs, the more I enjoyed the versatility of the tracks, but also the professionalism. You feel that there is a lot of US recording and music experience in these fourteen songs. Finally, I more and more have to say, it is a really good German album. Give it a try and listen to it. I feel Jolina Carl did very well.


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