The Bronx – Bronx VI

The Bronx - Bronx VI



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very straight, great hard rocker with punk influences
  • Very versatile, entertaining set of songs

The Bronx – sounds like a New York City band? In fact, this is an US act, but the punk rockers are located at the West Coast. On 27th August 2021, they release their album Bronx VI. Needless to say that it is the band’s sixth album. Here is my review.



The Bronx – About The Artists

The Bronx are a punk rock / hardcore punk band, which founded in Los Angeles in 2002. Two of the founding members, singer Matt Caughthran and guitarist Joby J. Ford, are still members of the band. The other two founding members, Jorma Vik (drums) and James Tweedy (bass) left the band in 2016 and 2007. Nowadays, The Bronx is a quintet with Ken Home (guitar), Brad Mergers (bass) and Joey Castillo on the drums. The first four albums of the band have all been named The Bronx, the fifth studio album was simply called V, released in 2017. Apart from that, the band is publishing marachi music – all three studio albums so far were released under the band name Mariachi El Bronx as self-titled albums.


The Bronx – Bronx VI – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 36 minutes

1. White Shadow

Lock me up, throw away the key
Put me out of my misery
Twist and shout till the airs all out
Light me up and then run like hell

The album starts with a powerful straight rock track. Good riffs, hard lyrics – the head is moving to the rhythm from the very first moment – so the song cannot be too bad. And: you are in the 36 minutes from the very first second – no waste of time in here.

2. Superbloom

Superbloom just feels like a sequel, a logical joint of the opener. The song almost takes over the speed and the drive of its predecessor and does not allow the listener for a break. The musicians are driving the sound and Caughthran surfs on these heavy waves of riffs and rhythm. Great sound.

3. Watering The Well

The longer fade-out of the second track is a first chance to have a first breathe in this rock party – and Watering The Well with its slightly more quiet style is also a chance for a little relaxing. The song uses the lesser presence of the guitars for some more melodic tunes and a nice collaboration on the vocal side. At the chorus, latest, Ford and Home, position their instruments in the pole position again. A stronger punk rock touch than in the songs before as well.

4. Curb Feelers

Curb Feelers connects to the somehow dirty and hard sound of the first two tracks. A cool punk rocker with a lot of drive, which is great to party and to bawl and shout with the band. High pogo potential in here.

5. Peace Pipe

While some songs in this album just feel to be made for partying, there are also tracks like Peace Pipe, which are a good option if you want to sing along to some of the bands tracks. The sound of the fifth track reminds me of surfer rock tracks, coming with this special summer-ocean vibe. But, of course, no Beach Boys in here – the song feels like a perfect fit into Bronx VI.

6. High Five

High Five starts with a forth and back of vocals – finally, the song turns into a cheerful, straight punk rocker. Some nice accents in the track and a lot of potential to sing. The Bronx are fun.

7. Mexican Summer

In Mexican, The Bronx is trying to add a touch of their mariachi songs into their “standard” lineup. This leads to a rather quiet, but also fascinating moment while listening to the eleven tracks. What feels a bit of frisky and also very surprising, almost confusing at the beginning of the tracks feels to be more and more convincing while listening to the full 3:25 minutes. Cool.

8. New Lows

The powerful New Lows feels like a message contrast after this successful musical experiment. Full throttle and afterburners at full capacity, the guys are rocking again. Needless to say that they do it very well.

9. Breaking News

´Like White Shadow and Superbloom at the beginning of the album, New Lows and Breaking News feel like musical Siamese twins to me. Each of the tracks have their own style, their own character. But you just should not separate them. And there is no need to slow down, Breaking News just requires full attention – the band is playing ultimately at their highest potential as well. Two rather short, massively powerful tracks.

10. Jack Of All Trades

A touch of glam rock – Jack Of All Trades comes in a very traditional style. It thus feels like a reliable, good friend. Good song.

11. Participation Trophy

The album closes with Participation Trophy, which is convincing with a power, but also a very nice main theme on the guitar. Good finale, for sure.


The Bronx – Bronx VI – Spotify

Here is Bronx VI on Spotify:


The Bronx – Bronx VI – My View

I started the review that you have a good feeling from the very beginning – and this feeling stays on until the last second. The Bronx just create an honest, very straight sound, but still divert from it, so that the songs have an individual touch. There is so much skill – but also enjoyment to do music – in these songs, they just have to head straight into the Top Pick! ratings.


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