Lordi – Lordiversity (Full Box Review)

Lordi - Lordiversity (full box)



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great travel through various genres of rock music
  • Superb Lordi adoption to the different genres
  • The songs mostly still feel like Lordi tracks Cons

  • Some filling songs
  • Final album weaker than expected

It’s been a lot of work – but it has also been a lot of fun. The “monster weekend” on has come to an end. Seven albums of Lordiversity have been reviewed. This massive release deserves an – at least brief – final review. The quality of each individual does not always sufficiently tell you about the quality of the whole set – the same applies to this album box set. Here are my thoughts and a full release rating. Like at the individual albums, I will skip the bio information. The release date of the physical CDs was 26th November 2021. Streaming releases are one after another (see reviews for exact streaming release dates).

Lordi – Lordiversity – Links to Individual Album Reviews

Here are the links tot he album reviews in the order given by the CD box (with the genre represented):


Lordi – Lordiversity – My Review

Lordiversity is massive. Seven albums, 78 songs, roughly 4:45 hours playtime. Some of you might know that I sometimes calculate a price per minute and track. If you bought the set at Lordi’s AFM label store (where the box is now sold out), you paid 64.99 EUR – or 0.23 Euro per minute, 0.83 Euro per track. I don’t think that any release I checked so far had a better value – especially as we are talking about brand-new songs (apart from the Killection releases). Lordi gives back a massive collection of songs – and a massive value for money as well. The artwork of the booklets is still very Lordi-like as well.

But the price or the the sheer mass of songs is not what really turns Lordiversity to a special release. It is this travel through the history of hard rock and heavy metal. They even touch pop music in SuperFlyTrap. Finally, they don’t fail at any of these albums. Individually, some are better and some are worse. Some do contain too much fill-up songs and rather feel to demand a seven EP collection than a seven album one. But keeping in mind that one act compiled all these styles in such a short amount of time, you just have to say: respect to the monsters. This is an outstanding piece of musical work.


My Favorites – and some critics

Thus, it is not really the best album of the set of seven releases, Humanimals, which is my favorite album. My favorite listen is SuperFlyTrap – just because I would not have imagined before that it turns to work out that good. This does not reduce the very high quality of Huminamals – but you simply cannot expect a marathon runner to break the world record in weightlifting or the shot put. Thus, the sum of these seven releases together are much more valuable than the average of the individual ratings for each and every record. Lordi did an amazing trip through rocking genres. This simply adds a big notch of fascination and entertainment even to the comparably weak individual albums.

Finally, the only album which gave me a slight bit of disappointment was the closing Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular. I felt that the industrial metal sound is so close to some of the previous releases of the band. Nonetheless, they just did not feel fully comfortable on these final songs. If you like good and hard rock, grab the box on CD or vinyl and be fascinated by the monster crowd!


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