Bad Bones – Hasta El Final!

Bad Bones - Hasta El Final!



3.5/5 Pros

  • Very nice second part
  • Band with a nice potential Cons

  • Rather short album
  • First part feels weaker

Nice to have some Italian music on again. I received the album Hasta El Final! by the Bad Bones before its release and thus can share my thoughts with you. The album will become available from 17th March 2023.


Bad Bones – About The Artists

The Bad Bones are a hard rock band from Italy. They are active since 2007. Their origin is the town of Cuneo, between Turin and Nice. Bad Bones are currently a trio. Mekk Borra is the guitar player and Steve Balocco the bassist of the band. They are both at the microphone as well. Lele Balooco is the drummer of the band. They released their debut album A Family Affair in 2010. Their most recent major release is the 2018 album High Rollers.


Bad Bones – Hasta El Final! – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 29 minutes

1. Bandits

The Italians allow for a slower start, before they fire the rock rockets. The song feels rather monotonous on the instrumenal side. It is solely driven by the vocals – even though there is a break in the second half of the track.

2. Behind The Liar’s Eyes

Despite Bandits has been a single release, I feel much more comfortable with Behind The Liar’s Eyes from the very first moment. The guitar is again rather used to support the rhythm of the song, but overll, there is more versatility in this songs. I like what the Italians are doing in this song.

3. Rattlesnake

Again, the Rattlesnake goes for a rather slow start, before the song takes a cool hard rock sound. Very dark sound, there is a tiny little touch of Lemmy in the air.

4. Wanderers & Saints

Honestly, I was already thinking about whether I struggle with the sound of Bad Bones in general. But there are songs like Wanderers & Saints. The follow the same signature, the same style – and they feel absolutely cool. The song nicely works out, even in the rather limited three people setup.

5. Sand On My Teeth

Another song which makes me smile: Sand On My Teeth is a damn cool rocker. The melodic part feels like the warm-up of a ZZ-Top cover band, but the vocal sound is adding a unique touch. The song is dark and dirty. Nice.

6. Libertad

The album title is Spanish… But there hasn’t been a single Spanish word on the album so far. Will Libertad change that? Not really. The Italians state All I Want is to be free. Freedom, Libertad. A song which has a nice potential to catch the audience at a concert.

7. To Kill Somebody

What a contrast from the desire for freedom to a murder. This song has a nice hard rock hard. Steve Balocco on the bass is definitely taking the melodic lead in this song. Nice drive with an old-school rock touch sound. Good one!

8. Home

The melodic song Home is a nice finale to this rather short album. Just 2:14 minutes, but the song leaves a mark in the heart of the listener. Good one.


Bad Bones – Hasta El Final! – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Bad Bones – Hasta El Final! – My View

I struggle with some songs and the album is rather short – these are the negative points about Hasta El Final!. Especially the second part of this Bad Bones album feels more pleasing and enjoyable to me. Overall, this leads to an above average review.


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