Winter 2 – Winter 2

Winter 2 - Winter 2



3.7/5 Pros

  • Well produced modern pop songs with 1980's synth pop touch
  • Very characteristic sound, songs stay in your mind Cons

  • Range of songs is rather narrow

Interesting pop sound from Hamburg in Northern Germany: Winter 2 are just active for some one year. Nonetheless, the are already releasing their debut album on 15th October. The self-titled long-player thereby already feels really mature. Here is my full view.


Winter 2 – About The Artists

Winter 2 is a pop music project from Hamburg. The two key members are Maximilian Wittwer and Christoph Romahn. They use additional guest musicians in their recordings and on stage.


Winter 2 – Winter 2 – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Im Garten Der Pfade

Like the majority of the album, Im Garten der Pfade (“In the garden of paths”) feels like a lost 1980’s synth-pop song. The lyrics feel melancholic, a bit of dark, which feels quite contrasting to the synth melodies put over the the rather sad spirit. Cool listen.

2. Glanz Der Passagen

Glanz der Passagen is significantly less melancholic than the opener. The song is working with very repetitive lyrics, but it is still a very entertaining track, which simply gives you a good feeling. Not too surprising that Winter 2 selected this one as a single release.

3. Kaputt

The guitar is playing a significantly stronger role in Kaputt (“Out of Order” or “Destroyed”). Slight touch of blues rhythm in here, which also gives a certain wistfulness again. The instrumental part in the middle of the song almost feels a bit of naive – the keyboard theme is just that simple. The two Germans create a sound, which stays in your mind, even if you wouldn’t expect that at first listen.

4. Augenblick Im Lichtstrahl

Not just because it comes with the most catching main theme of all songs, Augenblick im Lichtstrahl (“Moment in a Ray of Light”) is the best song of the album. Very catching quality.

Lass mich hinaus in den Schnee
Lass mich hinaus in den kalten Schnee
Ein Augenblick im Lichtstrahl
Ein Augenblick

(“Let me out into the snow
Let me out into the cold snow
A moment in a ray of light
A moment”)


5. Wunschfabrik

This one is slightly slower and comes with a strong rhythmic element. Some bass, rhythm and synth elements are the key melodic parts – while the verses feel a bit of lame to me, the chorus is not bad at all.

6. Das Grüne Leuchten Am Horizont

“The green light at the horizon” – the song title might not really lead to too many associations – but again, the song is actually quite good. I would, however, prefer to have some more contrast – some very differently sounding, surprising tracks.

7. Sinn Der Absurdität

The “Sense of Absurdity” is against a song which working with thoughts, sentences. The plot feels a bit like an Andreas Dorau song – even though the result is very different.

8. Meine Antwort

Meine Antwort is again a rather rhythmic track. There is a nice merge of the drums and a very melodic style vocal performance. The song might not add too much new character to the album, but it is a good listen.

9. Er Trifft Die Jungen Kerle

This single release is one of the most unique songs of the album. Bad luck that there are so few of them – the song is definitely enriching listening to the album significantly.

10. Wichtige Themen

It is always good to close your album with “Important Topics” – and that’s what Winter 2 do as well (already based on the title). The five minute song comes with a social critic and good stories, impressive ending.


Winter 2 – Winter 2 – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Winter 2 – Winter 2 – My View

The Hamburg band is doing a really good job on their debut. I like the songs individually – however, their sound feels a bit too narrow to me. Too many songs have certain similarities. If you like the sound of the band, you will love the album – for other people, this may be bothering. A promising listen, indeed. in Hamburg

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