Songs Of The Week (week of 03 February 2023)

I am kicking off the most stressful part of the year, quite likely. This week, I headed off to Peterborough North of Cambridge to see the first 2023 shows of the UK version of the Rock of Ages musical, next week, Weird Al Yankovic is kicking off his 2023 European Tour. A lot of travelling involved and optimizing work time in between – I just cannot take all the days as paid leave… The list of new songs of this week is rather short, I rather happened to run into pop and schlager tracks this week.


Riley Tamper – Geschichten

Riley who? Honestly I did not know this pop artist as well before I scanned new releases of the weekend. Riley Tamper is a singer-songwriter from Graz in Austria and Geschichten (“Stories”) is just her second single release overall. It has a great catch – love it!


2Welten – Tanz im Chaos

As I typically try to create a nice and fitting order of songs, this edition of my Songs of the Week continues with German language tracks. 2Welten is a German pop duo consisting of Fannie Wilkens and Freddy Hau. Nice vibe, great song.


Diana Maria Krieger – Wieder mal

There was also quite a potential that this posting is lead by a straight schlager track. The new song by Berlin artist Diana Maria Krieger is just a great and straight recording of this genre. I really like it.


Kimberly – Allein nur mit Dir

Kimberly is a schlager artist from Minden in the Western part of Germany. She started to release music in 2021 and already had some decent TV appearance in her home country. A rather classic schlager arrangement, but I simply liked it.


Wolkenfrei – Uns gehört die Welt

A comeback is closing this block of schlager tracks. Wolkenfrei is back. It is the original band of Vanessa Mai, who is now back. Her band mates are gone, though. This step is rather surprising to me, the song is definitely aiming to be successful in the German schlager scene. Will be interesting seeing how the current Vanessa Mai fans feel about this one.


Ellie Goulding – Like A Savior

If you are not into the German language music scene, the first set of songs might be less interesting to you. The more, you might enjoy the new single by British artist Ellie Goulding. I guess I don’t have to explain too much about this globally successful artist.


Alex Lahey – Good Time

Alex Lahey become quite successful in the indie rock scene the last years. And indeed, if you listen to Good Time, you just have to enjoy the music by the Australian artist from Melbourne. Nice modern way to define your own genre.


Elettrotape – Cold Winter

This band is indeed an interesting project. The two musicians behind Elettrotape are Daniele Vocan and Giacomo Barcetta, who are from Bologna in Italy. The vocalist of the band, however, is Annika Prey, who is an Austrian singer from ViennaCold Winter is just their third single release so far.


Klingande feat. Vargen – Kids On The Run

Klingande is ia Swedish word, but in fact the band is coming from Northern France. Their guest musician, however, is really a Swedish artist. Nice, fun disco pop.


Nora van Elken – Better Me

Nora van Elken is a US-American pop artist. However, she already worked in Sweden and Croatia as well. Very nice, catching pop sound.


Moncrieff – What Am I Here For

This posting comes with a bunch of pop tracks – and also the Irish artist Moncrieff makes rock music fans even longer. Sorry, guys, you just have to wait for this one – pop tracks have simply been too good this week.


Beyond Frequencies – Dark & Stormy

Here we go – let’s rock! Beyond Frequencies are a very interesting band. The lead singer and songwriter of the Swiss band, Blazy Flash, is having German and Norwegian roots. Not pure rock, but it is definitely fun to listen to them working on the guitars.


Maerzfeld – Plötzlich tut es weh

Maerzfeld is a rock band from Forchheim in Bavaria. The song, which is teasing their new album, comes with long, melodic parts, but smashing vocals as well. Great listen.


Mareeka – Give It to Me

Mareeka is another Berlin artist on the this week’s list of tracks. She initially rather did pop music and has been part of bands, but she is now rather heading into a rocking direction. Nice new single.


TheMostCompany – I drah auf

A touch of reggae and ska, brass sound and a bit of rock – this Austrian band is doing a really fun blend of sounds. I just felt that this quintet and their new single release are the perfect closing track.



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