Songs Of The Week (week of 8th December 2023)

I am a bit of angry as the tool I loved to use to scan for new country releases does not seem to work any more. Luckily, this does not impact this release radar – the way I am creating my Songs of the Week is completely different and majorly works on promotion mails and platforms. Thus, enjoy my list of new non-country songs.


Soeckers – Wie der Schnee

Soeckers is a band from Ahaus in Western Germany. Depending on the source, they are either active since 2014 or 2015. In early 2024, they are about to release their new EP Tokio. I really like that slow, melodic style, which reminds of German rock songs of the early 2000’s.


The Vaccines – Love To Walk Away

Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations is the title of the album by the London band The Vaccines. Love To Walk Away is something like a last reminder before Christmas that we should be really looking forward to that release by the British alt-rock band. Hope you enjoy the sound as well.


Shakra – Angels Landings

The Swiss hard rock band Shakra has been founded in 1990 already. Three founding members are still active on stage. After the band had released their latest album Invincible in June 2023, they seemed to have had a pretty good time in the recording studio again.


Stoppok feat. Cäthe – Wer Du wirklich bist

Stefan Stoppok is indeed one of the big German rock legends. The Hamburg-origin artist released his first Stoppok album (there was music before…) in 1982 already. This duet-alike song has been recorded with the 41 year old singer-songwriter Cäthe. The song is teasing the new Stoppok album, which will be released in February 2024. Stoppok is currently touring and will be on tour in March 2024 again.


Kapelle Petra – Nicht Alleine

I really love the sound by Kapelle Petra. The indie-rock band from Hamm at the edge of the Ruhrgebiet. HAMM is also the title of the album, which the band is releasing on 12st January 2024. Sounds interesting.


Pat Lawson & Sara Lugo – Keep On Moving

A lot of pop, some reggae vibes. Pat Lawson grew up in the US Army barracks in Hohenfeld, Germany. Later, he moved to Detroit. Sara Lugo is a German artist from Munich, who established in the domestic reggae music scene during the last years. Together, they released this catching track this Friday.


Diplo x Maren Morris – 42

I can’t deny I touch of melancholy when I listen to Maren Morris doing pop songs instead of country music. However, you just have to accept that she is doing great in that. This collaboration with Thomas Wesley Pentz (or: Diplo) is another proof that she is a great one.


Fletcher – Eras of Us

I guess you don’t need to say anything more about Fletcher. The US-American artist has grown that big during the last years. Eras of Us is a typical breakup song.


Levin – Merry Christmas

What would be a list of releases with 16 days left before Santa’s big party without Christmas songs. I decided to give you two songs this week. Levin is the artist name of Levin Deger. The 1985-born Swiss artist studied pop music and jazz. He is also working as a producer. This one is a track full of x-mas ktisch… I mean gentleness… 🙂


Bony Macaroni – Christmas 25th (The Morning After)

No Christmas kitsch at all is Christmas 25th (The Morning After). The song is rather a rocker with some punk-rock ambitions. Compared to other songs this Dutch band has already recorded, their contribution to the Christian holiday is rather brave this time. But it rocks.


Lian Ross – Freedom

After this energetic moment, it is time to slow down again with Lian Ross. She already had two hits in Germany – in the middle of the 1980’s. She initially released songs as Josy, but then used the name Lian Ross. You might also know her as Joy in the dance project Tears’n’Joy. Lovely ballad, which feels to be a great fit to this season.


JOELINA x Jürgen Drews – Mein größtes Geschenk

The German schlager and pop artist is stepping into big footsteps. Maybe in order to avoid being compared to her father Jürgen Drews, who is one of the biggest German party-schlager artists of all times, she is just using her first name as an artist name. However, in Mein größtes Geschenk (“My biggest / most valuable gift”), these two generations do music together – in a beautiful way.


Marco Buschmann & Hanna Jaha – We Will Survive

If you are into politics, you know that the current German Federal Minister of Justice is named Marco Buschmann. Indeed, this is the same person. Toegether with Mannheim singer-songwriter Hanna Jaha, Buschmann recorded this beautiful tracks. Unfortunately, we cannot reduce our federal taxes by buying and streaming it – it is a charity recording.


AMIAZ – Mama

Amiaz Habtu is rather known in Germany as a TV host. However, he is also a rather reasonable rapper. And in this track, he is underlining his musical talent. The song is a praise to his mother, who made it that Amiaz and his family could flee from Eritrea to Germany. A touching story which is like a rapped biography. One of the first rap songs which leaves me with goosebumps… and a tear in my eyes. Touching.


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