Songs Of The Week (week of 15th March 2024)

A lot of traveling is ahead of me. I just returned from a trip to Bochum, watching my first two shows of the German Rock of Ages tour this year. I post my new edition of the Songs of the Week from a trip to Krakow, just to head on to Dublin thereafter. And then… Rock of Ages again – but shows in Cologne. I will try out something new with the 2024 musical tour-chasing – the first part of that will be released Monday morning. While I typically try to have a certain focus on developing artists in my release radar, four big names are kicking off the list of songs. I feel it is a cool mix again. Hope you like it, too.


Rea Garvey & Picture This – Somewhere Close To Heaven

Two Irish acts, one song.. Picture This is huge in their home country – none of their albums peaked worse than second in the domestic charts. Even their debut EP charted for 71 weeks. Rea Garvey is very popular in Germany. Picture This will support him on his upcoming tour – and in autumn there will even be a common album of the two acts. The first single release sounds amazing.


Lena – Loyal To Myself

The second song on my list this week is by Germany’s Eurovision Song Contest queen Lena. After some tough times, Loyal To Myself states that you should majorly care about yourself and not other people’s needs. Lena is touring Germany in June and July – this song sounds promising.


Nicky Youre – Part Time Lover

Even though his debut single Sunroof has just been published in 2021, US-American pop artist Nicky Youre feels like a well-established artist to me. His latest release Part Time Lover is another amazing listen.

Meghan Trainor x T-Pain – Been Like This

I guess I don’t need to tell you too much about Meghan Trainor. This time, she is joining forces with US-American rapper T-Pain. Been Like This comes with the ease of pop, the groove of swing and the coolness of her guest musician. With a different storyline, you could use the melody even for a modern Christmas song, I feel.


Jennifer Siemann – Löwin

Jennifer Siemann is a German actor, dancer and singer. Originally from Berlin, the 33 year old artist is nowadays based in Munich. Her new schlager release Löwin comes with a lot of energy, which finally pushed her into my Songs of the Week.


Mo-Torres – Gebrochenes Herz (Zimmer im Herbst)

Mo-Torres from my home town Cologne asks “How to you operate a broken heart” in his latest release. I feel the song comes with a great melody and nice vibes. The lyrics are also very personal. Nice one!


Nie und Nimmer – Gib mir mein Herz nie zurück

After I featured the Berlin duo Nie und Nimmer for the first time in my 28th January 2024 edition of the Songs of the Week, here is another track by the German artists. “Never give me my heart back” is the title of this very groovy and intense listen. Lovely one!


Sondermarke – Villa

Sondermarke is a German rock band from Schweinfurt. They already released two albums. In Villa, they ironically deal with their ordinary lifestyle, which still makes them happy. Finally, the song is also about love, asking the beloved lady whether she would also take a just-average-but-happy person. Nice one!


Lyschko – Staubtanz

Lyschko is an alternative rock band from the West of Germany. Their sound has a rough, energetic touch. Just like they present it in their new single Staubtanz. After their debut album gave the band quite a good reputation, this one could be a successful next step.


Kissin’ Dynamtie – Raise Your Glass

This is another song from a German rock band. Kissin’ Dynamite are from Southern Germany. Already earlier this year, they released their new song Raise Your Glasses. Sounds like a perfect drinking song on their upcoming European tour.


Kurt Zeltner – Backyard

After I recently featured Kurt Zeltner’s song Sunrise alongside violinist Tanja Scheichl-Ebenhoch, the Swiss musician is back this week with a new single release. Backyard is a really cool rocker – just a perfect fit to my current Rock of Ages mood. I just had to add it to my list.


Bon Jovi – Legendary

Bon Jovi are true rock music legends – and now they are Legendary in their new single release as well. The song teases the new studio album Forever, which will be released on 7th June 2024. More than 40 years of band history – and Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates still do cool songs.


Ben Zucker – Schön, dass es Dich gibt (Mein Freund)

Ben Zucker is one the finest German schlager-rock artist. I have featured him so frequently already, including two concert reports. This week, he released Schön, dass es Dich gibt, which is honoring one of his biggest supportest, artist and show host Florian Silbereisen


Batomae – Auf der Suche nach Liebe

If you are chosen as a support act for the German band PUR, your career is taking the right direction. Bartomae will do so on their next tour, but already supported acts like Sasha. He is also working as a bassist and songwriter. The song title translates to “On the Search for Love”. A lovely, emotional ballad.


Maria Blatz & Tom Keller – Happy To Share My Life With You

Maria Blatz and Tom Keller are a German duo from the Pfalz (Palatinate) region. The song is not about love, but about friendship. The song is such a beautiful collaboration in a traditional singer-songwriter style.


ZAYN – What I Am

Zayn is a British artist from Bradford. He is merging pop and R&B elements in his song. After he left One Direction in 2015, he sold 33 million records as a solo artist. I guess he can push that statistic a bit with the release of this beautiful ballad.


Esther Graf – Vitamin D(u)

Austrian Esther Graf has defined her own sound. Esther Graf songs simply sound like Esther Graf – without feeling boring or monotonous. I simply enjoy the vibes of her latest release.


Emilio – Strawberry Eyes

My list of thiis week’s songs is closed by German actor and musician Emilio Sakraya Moutaoukkil, who is releasing music as Emilio. He is extremely popular and has about half a million followers on Instagram only. His new single release is a nice, very modern German pop track.


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