Razorwire Halo – All The Terrible Things

Razorwire Halo - All The Terrible Things



4.2/5 Pros

  • Powerful electro rock
  • Nice balancing of rock and electronic elements
  • Versatile listen

When two good things lead to a nice fit: due to scheduled live events on that weekend, I had a some weird slots for music reviews in my editorial planning for the first weekend of February. The more, I was happy when I received a press kit for an album release on a rather unusual weekday – Sunday, 4th February 2024. The initial listen felt really interesting – and thus, I am introducing you to the album All The Terrible Things by Razorwire Halo right here.


Razorwire Halo – About The Artists

Razorwire Halo is an US-American electro-rock band. They have been founded in 2001 in Kansas City already. The band lead is Tak Kitara, who is the lead vocalist, backing guitarist and keyboarder of Razorwire Halo. The other three members of the quartet are Zeke Gavazzi (drums), Skylar Kitara (bass, keyboards) and Darell Trussell (guitar). Despite the long band history, there haven’t been too many releases in the last eight years. Their ninth album New Empire is dated as of July 2016. Thereafter, the band only released one EP (Retaliate, 2018) and three singles, which are part of All The Terrible Things already.


Razorwire Halo – All The Terrible Things – Track by Track

The seven track album lasts 30 minutes.

1. Cover My Eyes

I don’t know too much about the history of the album. However, the almost six minute long opener is the second out of three feature singles of All The Terrible Things – and it is dated as of August 2020. It seemed to have taken the Kansas City guys quite a while to compile the set of seven tracks. Thereby, Cover My Eyes is a straight, powerful electro-rocker, which is loud for the first five minutes and then has a surprisingly gentle fade-out.

2. Low

The backing theme of Low reminded me quite a lot of the sound of the last minute of Cover My Eyes. However, once the guitar join with harder force, you just have to concentrate on the second track. Overall, the song is very forceful – sometimes the band is pushing a bit too much in my point of view. If you need a break, there are some brief more quiet parts in Low as well.

3. Fail With You

The third track comes with the power and aggressiveness of the songs before. The electronic part of the song is a bit more present though. There is quite a lot of different kinds of filters and distortions on the sound. Overall, I feel that this leads to an evern more modern touch to the song. And when the singer states I will always fade for you, there is even some touch of romance in All The Terrible Things.

4. The Dirty Truth

The Dirty Truth is the shortest track on the album (“just” 3:29 minutes). However, the song is also the showcase for drummer Zeke Gavazzi, who is having some high speed sections in this song. The stomping rhythm and the electronically influenced sound feel like a very nice match in here.

5. Red

I did mention the release date of the opening song Cover My Eyes already. In fact, this fifth song, Red, is even older and is dated as of October 2019. Initially, the song feels a bit more brave than the tracks before – but finally, Red is just saving its energy for later parts of the song. Overall, there is a strong keyboard / synth presence in here.

6. Don’t You

Don’t You takes the role of the unrestrained power-rocker of the album. The song is less than four minutes long, but is a firework of rock from the very beginning until the very end. The nice electronic blending adds the incing on this rough cake of music.

7. Invincible

It might sound more sarcastic than it is in fact meant, but Invincible is in fact the last song the band shared with us before album release. You already guess that it is available since quite a while – May 2021 to be precise. The chorus has some duet-alike touch, which leads to a very memorable listening experience. The very atmospheric bridge is a huge contrast to the remaining listen.


Razorwire Halo – All The Terrible Things – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Razorwire Halo – All The Terrible Things – My View

It is definitely not mainstream rock music, but I really like All The Terrible Things. Even thought he band is keeping a certain style and character, these thirty minutes are entertaining and versatile. If you are seeking for an alternative to typical nu metal tracks in your playlist, you should give Razorwire Halo a chance.

Favorite Song: Don’t You


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