Creeping Death – The Edge of Existence EP

Creeping Death - The Edge of Existence



4.1/5 Pros

  • Entertaining Death Metal EP
  • Very versatile sounds

“We just want to be heavy and create fun” – that’s how Creeping Death describe themselves in the press information to their EP The Edge of Existence. Three re-recorded songs and three new ones are the recipe behind the 8th October 2021 release. Does it lead to a good death metal meal? Here are my thoughts.


Creeping Death – About The Artists

Creeping Death is a US death metal band, which used to be from Denton in Texas and is now located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The five band members are Reese Alavi (vocals), Trey Pemberton, AJ Ross III. (both guitar), Eric Meja (bass) and Lincoln Mullins (drums). They debuted with the album Wretched Illusions in 2019.


Creeping Death – The Edge of Existence – Track by Track

The six track album lasts 24 minutes.

1. The Edge Of Existence

Alavi is grunting in the microphone, the guitars and Mullins drive the song with a some nice speed, some screaming here and there. Creeping Death are really doing what they promised in the press kit: there might be better bands from a musical-instrumental perspective – but they do a good job. Nice breaks in the song between very fast and very sedated parts. 4:30 minutes of nice metal entertainment in this opening track. Looking forward to what lies ahead with a smile.

2. Relics From The Past

Death metal is not my most favorite metal genre – the more there is at least one song on each death metal release on which I deeply feel with the drummer. On The Edge Of Existance, this one is Relics From The Past. The speed of the rhythm partially feels to me like an octopus on crystal meth is hammering on the drumheads. The man in the back is driving the song, the man in the front is selling it. And later during the song Lincoln Mullins may also relax a bit from the superhuman performance at the beginning. Cool vibe, good listen.

3. Humanity Transcends

I love the way Alavis growling at the beginning of the song is accompanied by almost screaming guitars. Thereafter, the song turns into the typical Creeping Death sound of this EP – however, the guitar players have maybe a bit more opportunity than in other songs to play for the love of their headbanging listeners. Pretty solid.

4. Sacrament Of Death

I am (again) in the situation that the running order of songs in the press kit slightly deviates from the digital download I had before the album release. It may also be that finally Doused In Flames is the fourth song of the EP, followed by this one, Sacrament of Death. The song has more screaming elements, which leads to a nice level of aggression in its sound. One of my favorites.

5. Doused In Flames

The last two songs are significantly shorter than the four songs before and both just are about three minutes long. This leads to two rather compact listening experiences. Especially Doused In Flames comes with really a lot of speed and power, which turns it into a fun listen.

6. Skinned Alive

The less than three minutes Skinned Alive gives some more space for the instrumental qualities of the band. Especially the guitar players have their showcase in this song. A nice farewell from the Texas guys.


Creeping Death – The Edge of Existence – Spotify

Here is The Edge Of Existance on Spotify:


Creeping Death – The Edge of Existence – My View

Creeping Death is just delivering what they are promising: fun death metal songs. The tracks have a lot of nice breaks and play with different kinds of vocals and atmosphere. Thus, the 24 minutes listen is just a good option if you need some heavy stuff to headbang and rock your soul. Very nice release!


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