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Twinnie Hollywood Gypsy



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very good country pop production
  • Just few weaker songs, good set of tracks!
  • Catching! Cons

  • More pop than country
  • A bit of limited in topics
  • Many already known tracks

Twinnie’s debut album Hollywood Gypsy, which has been released on 17th April 2020, was some sort of highlight of the day. I follow the British country girl since two years already and highly value her on and off stage. The more, I was curious how her first long-player will be like.

Twinnie – About The Artist

As Twinnie is one of the Featured Artists of, you will find a lot of information about her. Born on 14th May 1987 in York. Her first steps in the entertainment industry were on theater and musical stage. Her first musical appearances were in Chicago and A Chorus Line. In 2010, she joined the cast of Flashdance. I saw Twinnie on stage for the first time in my favorite musical, Rock of Ages. On screen, her biggest appearance was playing Porsche McQueen in the cast of Hollyoakes, which has been shown in British Channel 4.

Her debut single as a music artist was Cool, which was been released on SoundCloud in 2015. Her debut EP, Twinnie was been released in 2016, before she signed at BMG in 2017. Her second EP, Better When I’m Drunk, was published in March 2019. Apart from UK appearances, she played in Europe and Nashville as well.


Twinnie – Hollywood Gypsy – Track by Track

Hollywood Gypsy consists of twelve tracks. Seven songs have already been released before the album. The playtime is 43 minutes.

1. Type Of Girl

One of my favorite Twinnie songs – and by the way one of the best music videos of the British artist. Great start into Hollywood Gypsy.

2. Better When I’m Drunk

There are some topics which re-occur from time to time in Twinnie’s songs – alcohol and parties is one of them. If Twinnie is really Better When she is drunk, I leave it up to the people who shared the Berlin C2C 2020 parties with her. The song is a great production – and I would say it is authentic as well.

3. I Love You Now Change

I Love You Now Change is the typical Twinnie topic, part 2: failed, unhappy, sad relationships.

I love you my babe
Now do it my way
You can try with the games
But you can’t make me play cause you ain’t gonna change me

The result is a rhythmic country pop track, very catching.

4. Chasing

The lyric viceo to Chasing has been released just a few days before the album. Another very good track, which felt to raise the attention on Hollywood Gypsy even more.

I should be finding me a nice guy
But I’m always drinking with the bad guy
Someone who looks like a James Dean
Cut up rough in some black jeans

Did I write something about alcohol and bad relationships above? The chorus got it both.

5. Hollywood Gypsy

The title track is well known to Twinnie fans already, but it is the first track on the album which has not been released officially before the album release.

Everybody knows my name
They  named me after my aunt Jane
I’m my daddy’s claim to fame
From a house on wheels to an aeroplane
I got a ticket to a brand new life
And when I get bored, I can say goodbye
From the shamble streets to the boulevard of broken dreams
I’m half Hollywood, half gypsy
Half gypsy

The autobiographic component makes the song some sort of central for the whole album. Good recording – but I feel that some tracks are even stronger on the album.

6. Superhero

I just have to admit that I love Twinnie deeply – there are two reasons: off stage, she might be sometimes a bit of dopey, but she is a very reliable and straight heart – as straight as her songs are. On stage, there is another big factor: her voice is just amazing, you feel the musical background of her. Superhero is one of the tracks which illustrates this vocal strength best.

7. More

More is one of the the few songs I feel I haven’t heard before (or at least: not too frequently). There are just a couple of strong tracks on the album, so More feels to hide between them a bit. Bad luck, it is a nice country pop track.

You’re stealing pages but I wrote the book
You’re reading lines like you got me hooked
You think that you’re a big shot
But I’ve got all that you’ve got
If I ain’t enough the way you’re in my head
Can you give me something that I won’t forget
Show me that you’re worth it
Show me you deserve it

8. Social Babies

Social Babies is another pop track with that Twinnie country touch, which most European fans may love already. Really good reflection of nowadays online culture. You just cannot stop listening to the song. Good!

9. Daddy Issues

With Daddy Issues, the album is back to in the relationship topic. Easy, swinging, good melody – the track again has a couple of strong arguments to remember it!

10. Lie To Me

Lie To Me is the first ballad on the album – and it is just very intense. Again, Twinnie’s voice is just a strong asset in her music, it is hard to neglect. Good track.

11. Feeling Of Falling

If you know so many tracks beforehand and made it to until the eleventh of twelve tracks in a review night, there may be some tiredness in you. You are looking for a surprise, a bang – and Feeling Of Falling is definitely damn close to it. A superb power-ballad, which made it to my favorite tracks of Hollywood Gypsy at first listen.

12. Whiplash

While Feeling of Falling completely surprised me, Whiplash is rather on the weaker side of the twelve tracks. The track feels like too easy pop music, a touch of trivial.


Twinnie – Hollywood Gypsy – Spotify

Here is the link to Hollywood Gypsy on Spotify:


Twinnie – Hollywood Gypsy – My View

Yes, I do like Twinnie – but even without my sympathy for this British country pop whirlwind, I just would have to state she did a great debut. Good tracks, good voice, a nice range of tracks melodically. The stories are good, but could be a bit more widespread. You just cannot do something wrong when you go for Twinnie – no matter if on stage or at your favorite record / download dealer. This girl is good – and deserves the Top Pick! rating.



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