Logan Mize – Welcome To Prairieville

Logan Mize - Welcome To Prairieville



4.4/5 Pros

  • Some really great songs
  • Good, versatile songwriting
  • Hidden

Praising home and your home town in is not that uncommon in the country music genre. In his second 2021 album, Logan Mize is just honoring countryside lifestyle in a whole album: Welcome To Prairieville will be released on 1st October 2021. I already had a listen. Here are my thoughts.

Logan Mize – About The Artist

After Logan Mize was part of a Sound of Nashville press event in Cologne in 2019, I rather frequently ran into the friendly country musician from Kansas. For example, you find a concert review of his October 2019 show in Cologne on Some more born about the 1985-born artist can be found in the review of Still That Kid. His most recent album has been released in January 2021 – but could not entirely fulfill my expectations.


Logan Mize – Welcome To Prairieville – Track by Track

Welcome To Prairieville includes eleven tracks and lasts 41 minutes.

1. George Strait Songs

For his second 2021 album, Logan Mize is allowing his fans to have a 40 second slow starts. After that, the electric guitars in George Strait Songs have more opportunity to do what they are made for. The result is a nice modern country melody with sprinkles of rock. No candidate for the Song of the Year, but a promising appetizer.

2. Welcome To Prairieville

How is country life alike – at least according to Logan Mize and the title track of this album? Mize is beautifully describing the magic of this place. I tried leaving but it always pulls me back – even though some things might not be too beautiful at first sight. Welcome to Prairieville – the song almost feels like a picturesque travel guide for a fictional place called home.

3. River Road

After the quiet title track which is concentrating on precisely describing the small town stories, River Road feels like a quite straight Logan Mize song. Country and rock, music just made for a good listen. Neither for an average nor for a very good one.

4. Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar

Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar starts with organ sounds for some fifteen songs, before rather dark bass vibes are taking over. A really good track with this great work on the bass and a catchy chorus. One of my favorites.

5. Follow Your Heart

The beginning of Follow Your Heart reminded me of some 1980’s rockers – but during the 4:13 minutes, the song more and more turns into a real Logan Mize listening experience. Good melody which stays in your mind – I am sure his fans love the spirit of this track.

6. I Need Mike

From the chorus lyrics Birds need wheat // wheat needs rain, the song develops towards Friends needs friends and, finally, I Need Mike. Interesting lyric plot with a powerful melody.

7. If You Get Lucky

If You Get Lucky is one of three tracks which Logan Mize already shared with his fans before the album. I feel this one is a perfect selection: you feel comfortable from the very first minute. A really good song.

8. Tell the Truth

After this energetic single release, Tell the Truth is a song which is rather for quiet and emotional. I simply enjoy listening to this song

9. We Ain’t Broke

Logan Mize is also able to do some dark, almost dirty-feeling country rock. You need a country rocker to dance to? And you like your jeans rather in black? That’s your song! Enjoy the discreet head-banging while moving to the excellent groove.

10. I Still Miss You

Overall, I like this part of the album. The songs are straight and tell good stories – like this one, describing so many places and memories which still remind you of your ex – and you simply still miss him/her. The backing choir is a bit too much maybe… But, hey – it’s a song for the heart.

11. It’s About Time

The eleventh and final song is a single release. As the other two ones were good songs, I am optimistic about It’s About Time. Beautiful lyrics make me smile at the ending of Welcome To Prairieville.

And it fills my soul
Like a country road
Long way around
But I made it home
Found a reason
And the words to rhyme
Oh, I finally feel just like myself
And it’s about time


Logan Mize – Welcome To Prairieville – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget once the album has been released. 


Logan Mize – Welcome To Prairieville – My View

I really love Logan Mize. He is a great artist, a great guy – and I also loved his music. The more, I was a bit disappointed about Still That Kid. With Welcome To Prairieville, he is on the rise again. The title track is a blast and especially the second part of the album comes with some lovely gems. The album goes straight into the Top Pick! ratings in my point of view. Great work! Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2021

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