Luke Combs – Growin’ Up

Luke Combs - Growin' Up



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great, very truthful writes
  • Nice range of songs Cons

  • Some weaker spots

When it comes to selecting songs for my playlists, Luke Combs is definitely among my favorite artists. The reason is simple: whenever this guy is releasing music, it feels to be good one. His songs are almost no-brainer when it comes to picking songs for you. On the other hand that means that I had very high expectations on Growin’ Up, the album Combs released on 24th June 2022. Did he fulfill them? Read on to have a detailed view on it!


Luke Combs – About The Artist

Luke Albert Combs, born on 2nd March 1990 in Charlotte, North Carolina, is indeed one of the biggest male country music artists of the recent years. This also lead me to the only album review posting I ever wrote on significantly after the publication: This One’s For You simply broke too many records after its release in 2017. In 2019, I did better an reviewed What You See Is What You Get right in time. Both postings hold quite some bio information. In addition, I have been gifted to be able to cover a Luke Combs show on the first day of the Country to Country Festival 2020 in Berlin.

Luke Combs – Growin’ Up – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Doin’ This

Before I started the review, I knew that the album will start with a high level of comfort. Doin’ This has been the leading single of the Growin’ Up campaign – 57 million listens on Spotify only cannot be too wrong. Very gentle, emotional song. A typical straight Luke Combs song – could an album start better than this one?

I’d have a Friday night crowd in the palm of my hand
Cup of brown liquor, couple buddies in a band
Singin’ them same damn songs like I am now
I’d be feelin’ on fire on a hardwood stage
Bright lights like lightning runnin’ through my veins
At the Grand Ole Opry or a show in some no-name town
I’d still be doin’ this if I weren’t doin’ this

2. Any Given Friday Night

Any Given Friday Night opens the rather long list of songs, which have not been published before album album release. That’s also a key quality of this album: if you buy it, you pay for something you haven’t listened to beforehand. Any Given Friday Night is a great country rocker, marching forward with a lot of guitar power and groove into the heart of the listener.

3. The Kind Of Love We Make

The third song has been the final album teaser, being released as a single a week before Growin’ Up. Mid-tempo, not as a rocking as Any Given Friday Night. It is a great example that you can focus on the lyrics of a Luke Combs and get fascinated by the story. Or you move to vibe of the music. Or you take best option: do both.

4. On The Other Line

The fourth song comes with a very traditional touch, it is even a bit of bluesgrass-ish. A beautiful summer vibe song with interesting melody lines on the guitar side. Nonetheless, it does not catch me as much as the songs before.

5. Outrunnin’ Your Memory (feat. Miranda Lambert)

Luke Combs is one of the great ones nowadays. Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Tim McGraw, they worked in the business for much longer, Combs took the fast lane. And now presents duets with Miranda Lambert (as well). The song will be a radio song one day, I am sure. Nice one.

Outrunnin’ your memory is like outrunnin’ the wind
I can’t get where I’m going if I can’t leave where you’ve been
I see you in every sunset, every star in the sky
I hear you callin’ my name in the middle of the night
The longer gone I get on down the road
Reminds me, baby, that there just ain’t no
Outrunnin’ your memory

6. Used To Wish I Was

When I was fifteen I had running back dreams, but never did run too far
Thought I was gonna be #3 one day, till I wrecked my old man’s car
I almost finished college, but I ain’t cut from that cloth
Used to wish I was, but I’m glad I’m not

The sixth song is a beautiful write about childhood dreams. Luke Combs wanted to be football professional, a racing car driver. But finally, he states I’m glad I’m not. A beautiful illustration about the magic of Luke Combs writes.

7. Better Back When

The seventh track could be described as “Those were the good old days, Luke Combs edition 2022”. He is just giving straight song, memories, which make him feel that down to Earth. No matter if you are at a Luke Combs show on stage or listen to his 2022 album. This is why Luke Combs is world class – nobody takes his fans on truthful music stories in a way the Carolina good ole boy (quite from Used To Wish I Was) does.

8. Tomorrow Me

The eighth song is about struggling with love. Again, the song is driven by beautiful storytelling. Even if there are some weak spots here and there on the album, you are just too tempted not to see them.

9. Ain’t Far From It

The ninth song is a powerful honky tonk soundtrack. Have a cold beer, this song and party. A lot of rock. a lot of groove and very cool piano music lines. One of the most fun listens of the album.

10. Call Me

Call me stubborn and hardheaded
Call me rough around the edges
I don’t care what you call me
Just call me

Another simply great write. A breakup song written around the statement Baby, we both know you’re gonna call me, coming in the signature Luke Combs sound with this very special raspy voice. A song which is written with an incredible precision.

11. Middle Of Somewhere

The eleventh song is a slower track, which is just not having the presence of other recordings of the album. Nonetheless, a really nice listen.

12. Going, Going, Gone

Like a runaway southbound train
Like an Arizona desert rain
Like lightning in the sky
Like fireworks in July
Like a left field home run ball
Like a whiskey shot at last call
It’s like she was made for moving on
That girl is going, going, gone

Not sure if it is too charming to compare your former girlfriend with a whiskey shot or a baseball hit – but when Luke Combs does it, it does not sound too bad. A very emotional finale of Growin’ Up dealing with the downside of adulting.


Luke Combs – Growin’ Up – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Luke Combs – Growin’ Up – My View

I expected a premium product – and that’s what Luke Combs is finally delivering. Nonetheless, there are some scars and scratches in this nicely polished country music album racing car. Some songs are noticeably on a lower level. But there is this Luke Combs magic, which just don’t make you feel it too strongly. Thus, the album is definitely in Top Pick! range. Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2022

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