Songs Of The Week (week of 25 Feb 2022)

Definitely my toughest edition of the Songs of the Week so far. It is very hard for me to concentrate knowing what is going in the Ukraine. Creating this selection of songs really means scanning some 200, 300 songs each weak. I am sure I skipped some which might have deserved it. And the song and genre selection might reflect my mood more than ever. Hope you still like these tracks.


Nathalie Weider – Westbahnhof

Nathalia Weider is a Swiss artist, who wrote this song describing a scenery at her favorite city, Vienna. I ran into this song quite early this week and felt it is a great choice to head this week’s selection – not knowing what would happen the days thereafter.


Barbara Zanetti – WIR

A very thoughtful song. Very impressive German pop song. Somehow in line with my mood currently.


Becky Hill feat. Galantis – Run

The British artist Becky Hill collaborates with the Swedish duo Galantis – the result is a straight pop song, Run. I feel it is a really nice, light vibe.


Fatherson – Better Friend

There are quite a bunch of British artists in my selection of tracks this time – Fatherson are one of them. I wish I was a better friend to you – nice indie-rock track with a catching chorus.


Hammerfall – Brotherhood

Brotherhood is one of the best tracks of the week to me. Nice work by the Swedish legends. There will be an extended tour with Helloween starting later 2022.


Old Mrs. Bates – Call Me Over

A nice indie-rock sound by Old Mrs. Bates. Call Me Over is teasing a new EP by the Vienna-based band. Austria indeed has some really nice rockers.


Stone Broken – Black Sunrise

This part seems to to be the rocking section of my song selection this week. Nice song by the metal heads from the West Midlands.


Chris Cronauer – Die Welt steht auf unserer Seite

Die Welt steht auf unserer Seite – “The World is on our Side”. Even the song is obviously not about the sad topic of the week, the title is a great fit, ain’t it? Nice German pop. Chris Cronauer’s debut album release is just about a month to go… Could turn out becoming a good one.


Voodoo Town – South Town

Voodoo Town consists of Australian Brent W. Larkham and his bandmates Uwe Lorenz and Fabian König from Germany. The track is a nice rock song with a nice Americana touch.


JXN – Nintendo (feat. Reyanna Maria)

JXN headlined my 14th January 2022 edition of the Songs of the Week. How he is back with Nintendo. I just love his style.


Gamper & Dadoni feat. Joe Jury – Satellites

The German duo Gamper & Dadoni do a nice electro-pop song with dance qualities here – their guest musician Joe Jury is from Gloucestershire. Nice track.


Francis on my Mind – Speed Of Light

Music from Romania: Francis on my Mind released this lovely, fragile pop track – really enjoy the listen.


CamelPhat – Silenced

One of these “Typically not my kind of music, but I like it” tracks. A song which maybe also reminds me of one of my friends in Kyiv, who used to be a DJ… Until last Wednesday.


DEKEN – Sarah

Sorry… Maybe I just like this die-hard schlager track, because Sarah is also the name of wife. DEKEN makes me smile.



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