Aparthotel Adagio Birmingham City Centre

Adagio Birmingham City Centre



4.6/5 Pros

  • Really nice staff
  • Very nice apartment room
  • Good location Cons

  • Sofabed only

After my stay at the Adagio Hotel Bremen in 2023, I really had a certain traveller’s crush on the aparthotel brand by Accor. The more I was looking forward to a stay in Birmingham in December 2023, where I had another night at this brand, which is nowadays having some 100 hotels, majorly located in Europe, but also South Africa and the Middle East. Here is my review of the Aparthotel Adagio Birmingham City Centre


Adagio Birmingham City Centre – Location

The Adagio is located right Southeast of the Bullring, one of the largest shopping malls of the United Kingdom. There was a lot of construction going on on that part of the city, but it is also a nice opportunity to make opportunity of the shopping and other offers of Birmingham. However, the Bullring is also the key issue of the location: it is also providing the most convenient access to New Street Station the most important train station in Birmingham. However, if you are connecting to Moor Street Station, the Adagio is one of the closest places (the walk from the hotel to the station is uphill, though.,Another transport hub which is in very short distance to the Adagio Birmingham City Centre is the Birmingham Coach Station.

Overall, the majority of the key attractions of Birmingham is “behind” the shopping mall and train stations. Nonetheless, I would call the hotel being well-located. There is also a bus station in front of the hotel (Allison St, served by multipole lines), which may be helpful for your travel planning (just for trips heading out of the city).


Adagio Birmingham City Centre – Room

I had a one day booking for a standard apartment room. The rate was a non-public one, restricted to travel industry people. As I arrived at the hotel significantly before normal check-in time, I was really glad that I could already have a room. The first room you entered in this place is the kitchen. Apart from an oven, it is fully equipped, the cupboards also feature all major stuff you need for proper cooking. The room also features a large fridge, a dishwasher and a microwave oven, which felt very convenient. Some based convenience food meals can also be bought at a store close to the reception.

Thereafter you enter the living and sleeping room. I really liked the working space and the TV set area. There was plenty of space around, so I was able to work with two notebooks in parallel. The bed is in fact a sofa, which you can convert into a bed. I feel that this is a nice solution for longer stays (which the hotel is aiming at). However, the frame of the sofa was rather long and thus you tended to hit your knee when you got off the bed. Furthermore, the room design is very efficient, but the room is not too large. Maybe due to that fact, there is no cupboard or similar next to the sofa/bed.

The bathroom, however, was really fine. I liked the large sofa. I feel that the towel heating was broken, but I am not absolutely sure about that. On top of that, the room came with a lovely view to the East of Birmingham, including some rail traffic, which definitely added some warmth to my transport-nerdy heart.


Adagio Birmingham City Centre – Breakfast

There is a dedicated breakfast room at the Adagio Birmingham City Centre. That’s a bit of a shame, as the first floor room is rather spacious and also very cozy – it would be a lovely place to hang out. That’s all the negative stuff I need to state about the nutrition kick-off of the day. The staff was – again – very charming. I like the home-alike presentation of breakfast items in Adagio Hotels as well.


Adagio Birmingham City Centre – Service

The staff was extraordinarily kind. As I said I was traveling on a non-public rate for the travel industry. I guess that this was part of the rationale behind the very charming treatment. Like the hotel in Bremen, the hotel offers typical longer stay services like a laundry. There is small gym above the reception. Like in many U.K. hotels, you have to grab a separate key at the reception. The WiFi worked absolutely well.


Adagio Birmingham City Centre – My View

The hotel in Birmingham is just the second Adagio I shared with you – and I am definitely looking forward to many more of them. The stay was really good – even though I felt that the hotel pushed a bit too hard for my convenience.


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