Ian Tray Band – Electricity

Ian Tray - Electricity



3.5/5 Pros

  • Nice tracks with a signature sound Cons

  • Songs are rather similar
  • Too short

The time right before Christmas is typically not featuring too many new releases. In my point of view, it is thus a great time for minor acts to promote their music. Maybe that was the intention of Ian Tray / the Ian Tray Band to release their debut album Electricity on 17th December 2021. Here is my review.


Ian Tray Band – About The Artist

Ian Tray is a folk rock band from Bielefeld and Herford in Germany. The songs are sometimes also performed by the lead artist Ian Tray as solo songs. The band has been founded in 2017, Electricty is their debut album, which is gathering tracks released in the meantime, including a few new ones.


Ian Tray Band- Electricity – Track by Track

The eight track album is 34 minutes long.

1. Saturn

The opener Saturn is one of the few songs I could not find as previously released tracks. Ian Tray is driving this folk rocker, which is partially even giving me a feeling of surfer rock. An easy, light, happy song. Good to dive into a new band’s sound. Thumbs up.

2. Sober

In line with the title, Sober starts a bit slower and darker. The song feels much more like a rock track, even with some alternative feeling, than the opener. Much more space for the guitars to scrum around. A track like a hangover morning – in this case, that means that I enjoy the way the German band creates a nice atmosphere around this track.

3. Love You

The third song Love You is almost five minutes long. Not at all a long, slow ballad, but a really nice folker rocker with a good groove. I am fighting for you, no matter what I am going through. Lovely way to say that, good song.

4. Ocean

Ian Tray and his band takes a rather slow way to tell the story of Ocean. He is almost crying into the microphone, which is creating a very characteristic vibe while listening to Ocean. Even though there are more energetic moments as well (especially towards the end), it is not my favorite song on this album

5. Miracle

These days are feeling cold
Feeling like a miserable

This song is one of my favorite listens of the album. It just has the ease of other songs, but also good instrumental parts. Especially the very present bass groove gives a nice touch.

6. Black Stain

Black Stain is the second song which I could not find on previously released YouTube videos or similar publications. Ian Tray is using his voice in the more rocking way, even though the instruments don’t always take a high level of presence. Nice work between the vocal and the melodic part again.

7. Mars

Half a dozen minutes (almost…) – you need some time to enjoy Mars to its full extend. Nice epic storytelling, which partially feels a bit long-ish to me, unfortunately.

8. Electricity

Not as long as Mars, but still exceeding a duration of five minutes. Electricty is again going of this epic, detailed storytelling style, but is overall more entertaining and versatile. Thus, I prefer listening to this closing track.


Ian Tray Band – Electricity – Spotify

Here is Electricity on Spotify:


Ian Tray Band – Electricity – My View

Electricity is indeed good work. However, I would love to have more surprises, more different styles of Ian Tray’s music. There is a link between the songs, but they are just too close to each other. Some songs are a bit weaker as well. Eight songs, six already released are also a bit of thin – even keeping in mind that Electricity is the band’s debut.


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