Annie Taylor – Inner Smile

Annie Taylor - Inner Smile



3.8/5 Pros

  • Characteristic sound
  • Some nice, entertaining songs Cons

  • A bit of monotonous in the middle of the album

The act name Annie Taylor sounds like a solo artist from an English speaking country. However, it is the name of a grunge rock band, which is named after the first person who survived crossing the Niagara Falls in a barrel. 122 years after this event, Annie Taylor are releasing their second album Inner Smile. Precisely, you may listen to it from 7th July 2023 onward.


Annie Taylor – About The Artist

Annie Taylor have been founded in 2017. They are located in Switzerland. Apart from lead singer Gini Jungi, the Swiss band consists of Tobias Arn, Michael Mutter and Daniel Bachmann. In 2020, they released their debut album Sweet Mortality. The album was quite successful and even paved the way to be on the lineup of some very well-reputed festivals.


Annie Taylor – Inner Smile – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Birds

Birds starts with a ship horn-alike sound, before the song turns into a grungy and garage rock-alike, rather slow opener. I like the touch of the opener, which is dominated by roaring guitar lines.

2. Love Is Blind

After a short synth sample, Love Is Blind is much more energetic and faster than Birds. Even though the song does not feel too basic, the fast and cheeky style reminds me of a typical high school band sound.

3. Smothering Me

The styles of the first three songs could not be wider. In fact, Smothering Me rather feels like a folkpop song with some indie (rock) touch. The clear focus in on the voice by the Swiss band’s lead singer.

4. Schoolgirl

The rather short Schoolgirl (just 1:50 minutes) has been chosen as the album’s second single release by the band. A nice blending, which is changing between the almost spoken verses and the rocking, repetitive chorus. The easy Just like a schoolgirl, nananana stays in your mind.

5. Push Me

The beginning of the song and the verses of Push me feel a lot like a dark grunge rocker. However, like in many songs of the album, the chorus leans towards a rather punk-rock and pop-ish alike tune. This contrast is even boosting the fact that you memorize the songs. Push Me comes with a nice guitar part in the middle of the song.

6. Moving Too Fast

In Moving Too Fast, the guitar theme is definitely the key catch of the song. However, you more and more feel that the plot of many Annie Taylor songs is similar. It works out, but this also leads to a predictable sound.

7. Ride High

Ride High has been the first feature single of the album. Indeed, Ride High is one of the best songs of the album. In context of the album, I do stick with the feeling that It could present more surprising elements to the listener, though.

8. Figure It Out

Unfortunately, the review gets a bit of repetitive in here. Figure It Out is a nice song. I love the cheeky, fresh style of combining grunge and garage elements to a fresh sound. However, at most the bridge is innovative in context of the whole album.

9. Fucking Upset

No, no repeat of what I wrote before. Fucking Upset is really good. It is dark, dirty, it feels a bit of sleazy. Annie Taylor are developing a very own character in here – and it does work out. One of my favorite listens.

10. Call It Off

Another good one: Call Me Off does follow certain, already well known structures, but the speedy three minute listen does spread some nice special atmosphere. Good.

11. Sister

For Sister, singer Gini is working with a more quiet, partially almost fragile voice. This leads to an own style. Glad that the beginning and finish of the album makes me happier than the middle part.

12. Room 217

The chucker-out Room 217 is by far the longest song of the album. You will listen to it for almost six minutes. Annie Taylor make use of the time and created a steadily growing and more present song, which feels a bit too experimental at the end, where the song fades out into some synth sounds. Still, an experiment worth taking.


Annie Taylor – Inner Smile – Spotify

Here is Inner Smile on Spotify:


Annie Taylor – Inner Smile – My View

I really liked listening to Inner Smile. The album cannot deny some a bit too monotonous parts, but overall, the Swiss band defined a nice sound, which is relatable and entertaining. If you like indie rock with garage and grunge elements, you should definitely give this quartet a try.


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