Ticket To Happiness – Aufbruch EP

Ticket To Happiness - Aufbruch



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great songs
  • Very catching and good sing-a-longs

Aufbruch is a very interesting EP release from Germany as of 15th December 2023. The band recording it, Ticket To Happiness is doing very energetic and catching folk rock songs.  It is their first EP release so far – however, the band already had two album releases.


Ticket To Happiness – About The Artists

Ticket To Happiness has been founded in 2016. The band members are spread between Muenster and Siegen, two German cities in Northrhine-Westphalia in the West of the country. So far, the band released two albums, the 2018 All Aboard and the 2021 Roaming Riders. They consist of four members, singer Jan Philipp Bäumer, guitar player Yannick Helle, Patrick Helle on the banjo and the mandolin and violin player Mona Kaczmarek.


Ticket To Happiness – Aufbruch – Track by Track

The six song album lasts 19 minutes.

1. Hoch Das Glas

In fact, this song is praising the roadies and technicians behind the band. However, the song and its title (Hoch das Glas means “Rise the Glass” roughly) also comes with a lot of party potential. The fast rhythm of the opener and the great post-chorus sing-a-long part leads to a great listen.

2. Freiheit!

I featured this song in my 30th July 2023 edition of my Songs of the Week already. However, I even love song more nowadays. What a great, characteristic sound. A touch of party, shanty and a great sing-a-long. Superb recording.

3. Jolly Roger

One, two, three; one, two, three; … The pirate flag is praised in one of the most traditional rhythms – the waltz is even speeding up. A dark touch of shanty is lying on the album while you listen to this one – but I am sure the song will rather make you smile than being afraid.

4. Into The Night

After the three amazing starters, Into The Night has a bit of a tough faith in the context of the album. However, the song, in which Mona Kaczmarek is taking over the vocal lead, is a really nice listen as well. Traditional folk music fans will even love it, I feel.

5. Summery Wine

The Summery Wine is giving the album another very different touch. The fifth song is very melodic, Kaczmarek is driving the track, now back at the violin. The driving rhythm leads to a very catching listen.

6. Dear Agnes

Initially, Dear Agnes feels like a classic chucker-out. This one could rather be an Elvis track and does not feel to fit to the very rhythmic before. However, the more often I listen to this song, the more I absolutely enjoy this farewell ballad.


Ticket To Happiness – Aufbruch – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Ticket To Happiness – Aufbruch – My View

Typically in mid-December, I’m already done with most of the Best of postings about my most favorite music, sports and travel experiences. Glad that I haven’t even started. The EP Aufbruch is an amazing listen with a lot of versatility. I absolutely love it.

Favorite Song: Freiheit!


Ticket To Happiness – 2024 Tour Dates

The folk rockers already announced a major series of shows in Germany for 2024

Fr 09.02.2024 Siegen – Vortex
Fr 08.03.2024 Oberhausen – Gdanska
Fr 15.03.2024 Werl – Diers
Sa 16.03.2024 Sankt Augustin – Pfarrheim St. Anna Hangelar
Sa 04.05.2024 Attendorn – Studio A
Sa 11.05.2024 Venne – Venner Folkfrühling
Su 12.05.2024 Hamm – Street Food Festival
Sa 25.05.2024 Siegen – Tag der Begegung
Sa 22.06.2024 Maulbronn – Klosterfest
Sa 17.08.2024 Hörstel – Castellans Folksommer
Sa 24.08.2024 Haselünne – Haselünner Bühnen Festival
Su 25.08.2024 Gerolstein – Kylltal Musik Festival
Fr 30.08.2024 Beckum – Pütt Tage
Fr 06. – So 08.09.2024 Puttlingen – Little Woodstock Festival
Sa 19.10.2024 Dortmund – Kulturzentrum Alte Schmiede


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