Jayne Denham – Wanted

Jayne Denham - Wanted



4.7/5 Pros

  • Wide range of songs from Western rockers to emotional ballads
  • Great, versatile voice
  • Good lyrics

Fifth album release by Jayne Denham: the Australian country artist is Wanted according to her 13th August 2021 release. I just ran into the album when I scanned some new releases and just felt to share the songs with you.

Jayne Denham – About The Artist

Jayne Denham is an Australian country artist who is (at least) active since the mid-2000’s. The first album I found from her is Sudden Change in Weather, which has been released in 2007. She also opened for Keith Urban Australian shows. Her biggest song so far was Hung Up On You, which she released together with Troy Kemp (who supporting Denham on one song on Wanted again and co-wrote some tracks). The song has over 1.2 million streams on Spotify only. Her previous album release is the 2018 album Calamity.


Jayne Denham – Wanted – Track by Track

The album contains ten songs and lasts 36 minutes:

1. Wanted

Doesn’t the album cover spread a touch of old Western movies? The title track, which is also the first song of the album starts in a way that you almost feel that the bandits get shot every second. However, as soon as Jayne Denham is starting to sing Wanted, the track turns into a powerful country rocker – with a lovely touch of nostalgia. She is wanted – I love it!

2. Dear Jayne

If I could write a letter to my younger self, that’s what I’d say – this part of the lyrics already tells the idea behind the second track. A self-advice how to deal in life, based on Jayne Denham’s current experience. Cool song.

3. Better Make It a Double

I love the sound of the album so far. Old-fashioned and nostalgic, but modern and also very powerful. Better Make It a Double is another straight country rocker with a cool rhythm.

4. Raggedy Ann

The slower Raggedy Ann comes in the style of a Western murder ballad. I really enjoy how Jayne Denham is singing this one, based on the main character of a children’s book.


5. Highway Vagabond

After there have been so many Western movie-style old school songs, Miranda Lambert’s classic Highway Vagabond comes in a quite modern (but still very signature Jane Denham) style. I feel that Denham is even increasing the groove of the original version of the song. Nice listen.

6. Rainstorm (feat. Troy Kemp)

I love Troy Kemp and his songs – and this collaboration with Jayne Denham is just another beauty in the list of tracks of him I really enjoy to listen to. Lovely Australian country duet.

7. I Wanna Remember This

The album feels a lot more modern now. Nice country music with powerful guitars. The Australian lady is just doing great and catchy tunes. Three songs and the truth with a lovely focus on riffs and lyrics. Simply good.

8. Better Settle Up

Better Settle Up is one of the songs which have been released before the album. The track is rather mid-tempo. So much power on the vocal side and a great chorus – Denham is just delivering right.

9. Aftermath

The second last track of the album is a powerful ballad) in a beautiful atmosphere. Really beautiful listen.

10. Beautiful World

After this quiet moment, Beautiful World creates an uplifting, energetic ending of the album.

We raise up and sing, hey
No, nothing’s gonna bring me down
Everything’s gonna come around.
To all the broken boys
and all the lonely girls
You gotta know, it’s still a beautiful world

Works in a religious service as well as at a country music concert, I guess.


Jayne Denham – Wanted – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Jayne Denham – Wanted – My View

Especially with the last songs of the album, where Wanted sounds modern, emotional, energetic, Jayne Denham delivered a really versatile, but also really good album. I did not know too much about this artist before the review – but I definitely love these songs and hope to hear more of her soon. Wanted is a collection of ten really cool tracks, which simply have to be honored by the Top Pick! award.



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